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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

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Portland Progress II

Introducing the 2nd Edition of Portland Progress

We are pleased to introduce the second edition of Portland Progress, the Bureau of Transportation’s strategic two-year workplan. In 2015 in a concerted effort to be more systematic in our work on behalf of our fellow Portlanders, we launched the first edition of Portland Progress. To view the full version of Portland Progress I, click here. Informed by the priorities identified in the City of Portland’s foundational plans -- the Portland Plan, the Comprehensive Plan, the Transportation System Plan, the Climate Action Plan -- Portland Progress presented an ambitious set of real, tangible and measurable actions PBOT would undertake to support a safer, more mobile, a more equitable and a more sustainable city.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of PBOT employees across all of the bureau’s six groups, PBOT completed or made substantial progress on 86% of Portland Progress action items. The completed actions included achievements that have significantly advanced the bureau’s goals of effectively taking care of our city’s transportation system for the benefit of all residents. They include:

# Action Items Action Number
1 Completion of the bureau’s comprehensive Vision Zero Action Plan  Portland Progress I, Vision Zero, Protect the Vulnerable Action 4
2 Completion of the bureau’s 5 year Racial Equity Plan  Portland Progress I, Build a Future, Institutional Equity Action 8
3 Successfully meeting our preventive maintenance goal of annually treating 100 lane miles of streets  Portland Progress I, Preserve and Operate, Preserve Investments Action 1
4 The completion of pioneering code changes to regulate TNCs and taxis  Portland Progress I, Preserve and Operate, Optimize Operations Action 7
5 Launch of BIKETOWN, Portland’s bikeshare system  Portland Progress I, Health and Vitality, Improve Community Health Action 5

To see the Portland Progress I dashboard and the status of all Portland Progress I actions, click here.

Select actions from Portland Progress I that were not completed have been integrated into Portland Progress II. Like Portland Progress I, this new edition of the bureau’s workplan is informed by Portland’s longstanding tradition of envisioning transportation as a catalyst for supporting a prosperous Portland that offers a high quality of life for everyone and leaves behind only a small carbon footprint. Also like its predecessor, Portland Progress II presents a set of meaningful and measureable actions that the bureau will take to ensure that Portlanders can get where they need to go safely and easily. These actions include everything from modernizing our capital project delivery process to creating a toolbox of inexpensive traffic safety improvements to deploying the bureau’s 3D laser surveyor on relevant projects.

Because PBOT values innovation and is dedicated to finding new ways to make our work better, we have also introduced some key improvements to Portland Progress II. We have aligned the bureau’s core functions with the goals and strategies fundamental to our success. In this way, we have made it easier to understand how the bureau’s day-to-day work supports Portland Progress’ overall vision. Click here to see the new organization of Portland Progress II. To provide a more integrated workplan, we have also included those action items that focus on internal process and policy improvements into Portland Progress II as a whole. These can be found under the strategic initiative, Make PBOT an Employer of Choice. These and other changes that are highlighted below are designed to make Portland Progress II an even more powerful and effective tool as PBOT fulfills its role as the city’s steward of the right-of-way.

The strategic approach represented by Portland Progress is more important than ever. Portland faces significant challenges. Portions of the city have limited connectivity and incomplete pedestrian and bicycle networks. We have aging infrastructure and a number of unimproved streets. We also face long-term challenges arising from climate patterns.

This workplan positions PBOT to take aggressive action to meet these challenges. Guided by Portland Progress II, PBOT will preserve our past investments and improve the safety of our system; prepare for the future of a city with new demands, growing diversity, and a changing climate; and manage our transportation assets to maximize their utility and value.

I am invigorated by the work ahead of us, and I already look forward to two years from now when I can highlight what we have achieved and how again we plan take PBOT and the City of Portland into the future with a forward-thinking, resilient and equitable transportation strategies. 

Leah Treat, Director

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