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TSP Update - Stage 3 (In Progress)


Review TSP Stage 3 Proposed Draft now


Did you provide staff with comments on the TSP Stage 3 Discussion Draft?

Curious which specific Adopted Comp Plan policies, TSP Projects, or other rationale are referenced for proposed deletion of TSP Objectives or Geographic Policies?

Review the Decision Matrix made up of the full staff proposal to the Planning and Sustainability Commission here

To request a hard copy of the TSP Stage 3 Update Proposed Draft, please email

How can I comment on this proposal?

Testify at the Planning and Sustainability Commission hearing. The hearing, on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 5 p.m., will be on the ground floor at 2020 SW 4th Avenue. Please call 503-823-7700 a week before the hearing to confirm the scheduled time of this agenda item. Metered and pay parking is available in the vicinity.  MAX, the Portland Streetcar and many buses serve this building; call TriMet at 503-238-7433 or go to their web site at for routes and times.

Write to the Planning and Sustainability Commission. Mail written testimony to the Planning and Sustainability Commission at 1900 SW Fourth Avenue, Suite 7100, Portland, Oregon 97201, FAX comments to 503-823-7800, or email comments to with the subject line "TSP3". Written testimony must be received by the time of the hearing and must include your name and address.

Testify online via the Map App. Traffic, Transit, and Emergency Response Classifications will be posted to the Map App by August 25, 2017 at Click on the “comments” form to provide your testimony to the PSC.

What happens next?

The Planning and Sustainability Commission will consider public comments on this proposal. They will then forward a recommendation to City Council for consideration and additional public review and comment.

For more information, contact Francesca Patricolo, Associate Transportation Planner, at the Portland Bureau of Transportation 503-823-5282 or

Briefing at Planning and Sustainability Commission, June 13, 2017

Slides presented at the Briefing at Planning and Sustainability Commission, June 13, 2017 

*This presentation is of Discussion Draft content, some of which has been updated in the Proposed Draft. Please review the Proposed Draft or contact staff to verify content of the Proposed Draft if you have any questions: (not for public testimony to the PSC, that is or speak with Francesca at 503-823-5282


Updating the TSP

TSP Stage 3 Update: Proposed Draft changes


Section 1: Introduction

This chapter was updated to reflect an adopted Comp Plan, the Portland Plan, Vision Zero, and updates since December 2016.


Section 2: TSP Objectives (TSP 2007 Goal 6, and various objectives)

TSP Objectives are proposed to be deleted, modified as sub-policies, or moved to an implementation strategy section. The rationale for moving or removing objectives from the TSP is to improve consistency with the City’s most recently updated high-level policy documents; neither the Comprehensive Plan, nor the Central City 2035 Plan have objectives.


Section 3: TSP Geographic Policies (TSP 2007 District Policies and Objectives; SP 2007 Policies 6.35 – 6.41 and related objectives)

District policies and objectives were deleted or modified to reflect the Pattern Areas in the  adopted Comp Plan. In addition, many of the objectives were actions, projects or studies that have either been completed or incorporated into the TSP project list, programs or studies. Some of the objectives have been elevated to sub policies, as staff are proposing to delete all objectives (see Section 2: TSP Objectives). Additionally, a number of new sub policies are being proposed for the new Comprehensive Plan Pattern Areas.


Section 4: TSP Street Classifications

Traffic Classification Descriptions and Maps (TSP 2007 Policy 6.5)

Traffic Classification Descriptions and Maps updated to reflect changes and new Vision Zero language.


Transit Classification Descriptions and Maps (TSP 2007 Policy 6.6)

Transit Classification Descriptions and Maps updated to reflect changes, many of which are in response to TriMet’s recent Service Enhancement Plans.


Emergency Response Classification Descriptions and Maps (TSP 2007 Policy 6.10)

Classification Descriptions and Maps updated to reflect changes and work with the Fire Bureau and PBOT Traffic section. A new Secondary Emergency Response Route classification is being added.


Section 5: Modal Plans

Updated to reflect adopted master plans, current planning and project efforts, and programs.


Section 6: Regional Transportation Plan Compliance

Remaining elements of the TSP were revised to comply with Metro’s current Regional Transportation Plan, including Performance Measures in Section 7.


Section 7: Performance Measures (former TSP 2007 Policy 11.13, new policy 9.XA and related sub policies)

This section reviews and updates mode split targets and level of service standards in the TSP to be in compliance with Oregon State law. Notable changes include: moving the Vision Zero performance measure to the top of the Performance Measure policy; changing the mode share target for Work from Home; and creating a new performance measure designed to reduce future congestion by holding the number of non-freight motor vehicle trips in congested corridors at current levels.


Section 8: Automated Vehicle Policy (new Policy 9.x)

This section proposes new policies and sub policies to address Automated Vehicles and associated technologies.


Section 9: Glossary

This section includes new terms added since December 2016 such as “Automated Vehicle” and “Speed cushion”.


Section 10: Implementation Strategies

This section includes elements, ideas and actions that were identified as part of the TSP3 update process that could be used for additional implementation. The section includes ideas for internal processes, admin rules, additional studies and code changes.


Section 11: Master Street Plan updates

This section updates the Master Street Plans in the River District and South Waterfront (North Macadam District)  to reflect recent planning related to upcoming development opportunities in the two districts. The street plans will guide the provision of transportation connections, both publicly- and privately-owned, as development occurs in these areas of the City.


Digital Document

TSP3 Team is also working on a digital document that will combine and streamline the document on the web and as a hard copy. Information and review of this component will be later in 2017.



SW FOS event

Discussion Draft Public Involvement/Comment
The Discussion Draft was open for 64 days from May 19 – July 21. Staff provided TSP outreach at 30 events across the city from the Multnomah Arts Center, to the Kenton Firehouse, to the Rosewood Initiative, and JAMS Space. Staff reviewed over 120 individual comments  received during the Discussion Draft (some with multiple signatories). Among the comments we received, we heard the most about 1) Interest in a TDM study for the West Hills (Section 3: Geographic Policies) and 2) proposed street classifications on SE 20th Ave (Section 4: Street Classifications).


TSP Stage 3 Public Involvement

Date + Time

Meeting + Location


Thur 2/23 6PM

SEUL Traffic Safety Actionshop

Lents Village: 10305 SE Holgate Blvd

Francesca Patricolo

Tue 2/28

Fixing Our Streets Safe Routes to School Open House

Sabin School, 4013 NE 18th Ave

Francesca Patricolo

Tue 3/14

Fixing Our Streets Safe Routes to School Open House

César Chávez School, 5103 N Willis

Kevin Donohue

Tue 3/21

Fixing Our Streets Safe Routes to School Open House

Arleta School, 5109 SE 66th Ave

Kevin Donohue

Thur 3/23 6PM

SW Fixing Our Streets Open House

Multnomah Arts Center: 7688 SW Capitol Hwy

Courtney Duke

Fri 3/31 5:30PM

NPNS Traffic Safety Actionshop

Kenton Firehouse: 2209 N. Schofield

Francesca Patricolo

Tue 4/4

Fixing Our Streets Safe Routes to School Open House

Hosford Middle School, 2303 SE 28th Place

Kevin Donohue

Wed 4/12

Fixing Our Streets Safe Routes to School Open House

Scott School, 6700 NE Prescott

Kevin Donohue

Tue 4/18

Fixing Our Streets Safe Routes to School Open House

Parkrose MS, 11800 NE Shaver

Kevin Donohue

Thur 4/20

Fixing Our Streets Safe Routes to School Open House

Ockley Green MS, 6031 N Montana

Belen Herrera

Tue 4/25

Fixing Our Streets Safe Routes to School Open House

Jackson MS, 10625 SW 35th Ave

Michelle Marx

Thur 4/27 6:30PM

SWNI + NWNW Traffic Safety Actionshop

Multnomah Arts Center: 7688 SW Capitol Highway

Francesca Patricolo

Tue 5/2

Fixing Our Streets Safe Routes to School Open House

Lincoln HS, 1600 SW Salmon St

Kevin Donohue

Thur 5/18 5:30PM

PBOT Bureau and Budget Advisory Committee (BBAC)

Portland Building, 8th floor Hawthorne Rm: 1120 SW 5th Ave

Courtney Duke

Thur 5/18 6:30PM

Arbor Lodge NA

Kenton Firehouse: 2209 N. Schofield

Courtney Duke

Tue 6/13 2:30PM

Planning and Sustainability Commission briefing

CH2M Bldg 1st floor Lincoln Rm

All TSP staff

Tue 6/13 7:30PM

Multnomah NA

Multnomah Arts Center, Rm 30: 7688 SW Capitol Highway

Courtney Duke

Mon 6/19 7PM

Southwest Neighborhoods Inc. (SWNI)

Multnomah Arts Center, Rm 29: 7688 SW Capitol Highway

 Courtney Duke
 Tues 6/20 6PM PBOT Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC)

Portland Building, 9th floor

Broadway room: 1120 SW 5th Ave

 Courtney Duke
 Tues 6/20 6-7:30PM North Portland Fixing Our Streets Open House

Charles Jordan Community Center: 9009 N Foss Ave

 Peter Hurley
 Tues 6/20 7PM Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood District (HAND) board

Carvlin Hall on St Philip Neri Campus, SE 16th and Division St

 Courtney Duke
 Wed 6/21 8PM Piedmont Neighborhood Association

Peninsula Park Community Center, Fireside Room: 700 N Rosa Parks Way

 Zef Wagner

Wed 6/28 8PM

NE Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Land Use and Transportation Committee

4815 NE 7th Avenue

Zef Wagner

Wed 7/5 6PM

Northwest District Association (NWDA) Transportation Committee

Wilcox Building (Good Sam Campus) NW 22nd and Marshall

Zef Wagner

Wed 7/5 7PM

Linnton Neighborhood Association

10614 NW St Helens Rd

Francesca Patricolo

Thurs 7/6 9AM

Portland Freight Committee

City Hall, Lovejoy Room

Francesca Patricolo

Tue 7/18 6PM

Rosewood Initiative Hosted Open House

16162 SE Stark St.

April Bertelsen

Mon 7/10 4:30PM

Venture Portland

1125 SE Madison, Suite 112

Peter Hurley

Tue 7/11 5:30PM

82nd Ave City Council Meeting

JAMS: 8114 SE Division

Shane Valle

Tue 9/19 6:30PM

Bridgeton Neighborhood Association

1231 N Anchor Way (at the N Harbor Marriott)

Columbia Room

Francesca Patricolo

Staff response to PSC

Memo to PSC regarding TSP3 Update

TSP Stage 3 Discussion Draft

Tell us what you think! Review + comment on the policies and objectives in this draft 5/19-7/21