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Park(ing) Day!

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Park(ing) Day 2017 is September 15th !!

Park(ing) Day is your chance to create a mini park!

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It happens once a year in September and gives Portlandlers the opportunity to re-envision how we use our public spaces. 

The City of Portland has been  participating in this international event since 2006. Park(ing) Day creates opportunities for citizens, artists and activists to create more public spaces. The goal of the program is to inspire creative placemaking and to highlight different uses of the public right-of-way. PBOT wants to encourage you to rethink how streets can be used

What is Park(ing) Day?

Park(ing) Day is a global event that occurs once a year in September. It aims to bring awareness to the importance of livable, walkable urban spaces. Participating cities permit their residents to temporarily convert on-street parking spaces into interactive public spaces, basically turning a parking space into a community park! On September 15th, 2017, Portlanders will have the opportunity to take part in this international effort to support creative placemaking.

How To Participate in Park(ing) Day

To reserve a parking space for use in Park(ing) Day, PBOT requires that individuals apply by submitting an application. This application requires the submission of a site plan, as well as proof of notification of all residents and businesses on the block where your installation will occur. The space is available by permit on Parking day from 7am until 7pm. Once approved by PBOT the permit fee is $25. See below to apply ! 

Park(ing) Day Guidelines and Requirements

PBOT has specific guidelines to follow in order to have a safe and successful Park(ing) Day installation.

Keep in mind that installations:

    • - Are only allowed on streets with speed limits 30 mph or less
    • - Not allowed in disabled parking spaces or truck loading zones
    • - Must adhere to the parking restrictions (e.g., buses 4 to 6 pm)
    • - Must be located at least 40 feet away from any bus stop
    • - Must be located at least 5 feet away from an alley or driveway
    • - May not be political or commercial in nature
    • - Must include a minimum of five 36 inch orange cones/posts that are affixed with retro-reflective tape.
    • - Cannot include amplified sound, point of sale, distractions for drivers such as balloons, flashing lights, canopies, etc.

Note: All locations cited will be reviewed for safety and coordination prior to approval.

We want your installations to be as fun and successful as possible, but for your own safety and that of others we have restrictions regarding what you can and cannot have at your installation. All approvable items must be kept within your permitted area and cannot encroach onto the sidewalk or into the driving lanes.

Allowable items and activities:

  • Astroturf, or sod material (placed on top of a tarp for easy clean-up) and potted plants.
  • Tables, chairs, benches, or other furniture that is easily removable from the right of way.
  • Art displays, easels, sculptures.
  • Rugs, carpets, blankets, or similar objects.
  • Freestanding umbrellas.
  • Signs or displays.

Restricted Items:

  • Banners, Balloons, flashing lights, or other objects that may cause a safety hazard to drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians.
  • Canopies and freestanding tents
  • Structures or objects that exceed 7’ in height
  • Charcoal or propane grills
  • Commercial displays, (please don't advertise or sell during this event)
  • Amplified sound
  • Loose or uncovered material (sand, dirt, gravel, etc)
  • Alcoholic beverages of any kind

How to install a PARK for a day!

1. Find a location for your installation. Be sure to pick a location that isn’t within restricted parameters. You will need to be specific about which parking space you are using. If possible, measure the distance of the space from one end of the block; you will be asked to specify the side of the street, and the distance it lies from the closest cross street, on your application.

2. Design your installation ! After downloading the application document, draw out your installation in detail. Include all of the objects that you intend to have in your space. The diagram that is present on the application will already have traffic control devices included, you will be expected to include the appropriate devices in order to keep your space safe from cars.

3. You are required to notify all residents and businesse s that are on the same side of the block as your installation and submit documentation that you have contacted these residences or businesses. This documentation can be in the form of a note, email, flyer or outreach log with addresses and descriptions of who has been notified and attach this to your application. Notification shall include the site of your installation, the time it will be present on the block, as well as your contact information.

4. Either email or drop off your application in person at the PBOT:

1120 SW 5th Ave. 8th floor, Portland Oregon 97204 



5. PBOT will review your application for safety. Once approved, we will let you know the permit is ready for pick up and payment.

Some past Parking Day examples for inspiration:

Park(ing) Day picnic in Michigan

Parking Day in Portland, OR. Location: SW Stark ST

Parking Day in the Seattle area (SDOT Blog)

Parking Day in CA. Source: 


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2017 Park(ing) Day application

2017 Park(ing) Day application

Site Plan template

Site Plan template, large size