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Barricades 101

Welcome to “Barricades 101” for the PBOT Block Party Program

  1. Introduction
  2. Barricades equal safety
  3. How to get your barricades


This guide will help you understand all things barricades for safely holding your neighborhood block party.  PBOT requires the use of approved barricades to close off streets for all block parties to ensure the safety of participants and those driving in the vicinity of the block party.  We hope this guide clarifies questions you may have about our barricade requirements as well as how to obtain barricades for your permitted block party  


When you are issued a Block Party Permit, you agree to provide barricades to safely and legally close off your street for your neighborhood block party.  For most block parties, a total of six barricades (three at each end of the street) is needed for the street closure.  The barricades must be arranged as depicted and described in the approved Block Party Street Closure Plan.  The barricaces must be in place throughout the duration of block party activities (not to exceed the approved time as stated in the issued permit).  

In certain cases the Block Party Street Closure Plan will require a different quantity of barricades, a modified arrangement of barricades, or additional signage before a Block Party permit can be issued.  Examples include: dead-end or cul-de-sac streets; street painting projects; instances when a street closure creates a dead-end; or other special circumstances.  PBOT’s Portland in the Streets staff will gladly assist you with this step.

As of March 2018, a Block Party permit is free.  When you apply for your free permit, our staff will evaluate your proposal for safety before we can issue a permit to close off your street for a block party.  What you may not know is that when we issue a Block Party permit, Portland fire and police are informed of your street closure so that emergency vehicles are aware that your street is temporarilly closed to through traffic.  So, your official block party permit — while free — comes with many safety features, advantages, and peace of mind.


There are only two kinds of barricades that have been approved for closing off a street for a block party: (a) Type I barricades (that are MUTCD compliant) and (b) PBOT pink barricades.  

  • Type I barricades (with appropriate markings, equipment, and retroreflective taping) can be rented (or purchased).  
  • PBOT pink barricades are only available in the Pink Barricade Lending Zone (see neighborhood list below) and are available free of charge to those living in the zone. Our hope is to add more Portland neighborhoods to the zone, so if your neighborhood is not on the list, please check back next season!

If you live in the Pink Barricade Lending Zone, PBOT will assign you to the nearest participating community organization for free barricade checkout.

  • In North Portland: Portsmouth, St. John’s, and Cathedral Park.
  • In Southwest Portland: Arnold Creek; Ashcreek; Bridlemile; Collins View; Crestwood; Far Southwest; Hayhurst; Hillsdale; Homestead Maplewood; Markham; Marshall Park; Multnomah; South Burlingame; South Portland; Southwest Hills; and West Portland Park.
  • In East Portland: Cully; Sumner; Parkrose; Parkrose Heights; Mill Park; Lents; Argay; Russell; Centennial; Hazelwood; Powellhurst-Gilbert; Woodland Park; Wilkes; Glenfair; Pleasant Valley; Maywood Park; Madison South; Montavilla; Brentwood-Darlington; Mt. Scott-Arleta; Foster-Powel; South Tabor; North Tabor; and Roseway.

If you do not live in one of the neighborhoods in the Pink Barricade zone, you will have to rent or buy MUTCD-compliant Type I barricades to close you street for you block party.

  • Typical street closure requires a total of six (6) MUTCD-compliant Type I barricades (three at each end of the close street);
  • Two of the six barricades must be equipped with either "Street Closed" or "Road Closed" retroreflective signs;
  • If the block party goes into the dusk or night hours (no later than 10 PM), at least one barricade on each end must be equipped with flashing yellow lights. 

Here are a list of rental companies located in the Portland area that rent Type I barricades, arranged in alphabetical order. 
Please let us know if you find others to add to the list:  

Pink Barricade Lending Zone

Are you in the zone? See if you qualify to borrow our pink block party barricades.