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Cully Neighborhood Projects

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Several capital projects in and near the Cully neighborhood are in the development (pre-design) and design phases, while others are nearing construction. This webpage and linked interactive map are meant to provide Cully residents with current information about these projects, along with associated contact information for questions and comments. 

Cully interactive map link

70s Neighborhood Greenway

There are significant gaps in the City’s bikeway network that can discourage Portlanders from riding bikes to work, school, shopping, etc. The Seventies Greenway project will address deficiencies in this corridor.

NE 55th-57th Avenues & Killingsworth Street LID

Streets will include NE 55th Avenue from NE Emerson Street to 151 feet south; NE 57th Avenue from NE Killingsworth Street to NE Emerson Street; NE Killingsworth Street from 567 feet east of NE 55th Avenue to NE 57th Avenue

NE 47th Avenue Phase I LID

Streets segments benefited by this project will be: NE 47th Avenue from north of NE Columbia Blvd. to NE Buffalo Street NE 47th Avenue from NE Buffalo Street to NE Crystal Lane NE 47th Avenue from NE Crystal Lane to south of NE Cornfoot Road

NE 46th & Bryant LID

Streets will include NE 42nd Avenue from NE Columbia Blvd. to 320 feet north; NE 46th Avenue from NE Columbia Blvd. north to dead-end; NE Bryant Street (new) from NE 46th Avenue to NE 47th Avenue

Connected Cully Sidewalk Infill

This project will infill all sidewalk gaps on NE Prescott and on NE Killingsworth (between 42nd and Cully).

50s Greenway

The Cully segment of the 50s Greenway will improve walking and biking conditions between NE Mason Street and NE Portland Highway.

Simpson Greenway/42nd Ave Crossing

This project will add a new neighborhood greenway on NE 41st Ave from Holman to Simpson Ct, Simpson Ct from 41st to Simpson St, and Simpson St from Simpson Ct to 55th. Connecting the existing Holman and the upcoming 50s Greenways in Cully.

60s Greenway

The 60s Greenway in Cully will add a northern segment of the recently completed 70s Greenway segment that currently ends at NE Klickitat Street.

NE 60th Alternative Pedestrian Walkway Pilot Project

The NE 60th Walking Path will add a walking facility between NE Prescott Street and NE Portland Highway.

Cully Curve Safety Improvements

This project enhances the existing bike lanes on NE Cully Boulevard between NE Failing and NE Prescott Street. The bike lane and on-street parking will be reconfigured to add parking protection for people riding bikes.

NE 72nd Walking and Biking Parkway

The goal of this project (still in the early development phase) is to provide a high-quality pedestrian and bicycle parkway along NE 72nd Ave through the heart of Cully.

42nd Ave Bridge & Corridor

Rebuilding the bridge over NE Lombard Street that is vulnerable to a seismic event and is on a recommended Emergency Transportation Route as well as filling the gap between the Holman neighborhood greenway and upcoming 47th Ave protected bikeway.

Alderwood Road at NE Columbia Boulevard Intersection

This project will build operational and safety enhancements to the intersection of NE Alderwood Road at Columbia Boulevard.