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122nd Ave Plan: Safety, Access and Transit

PBOT is developing a plan to identify improvements on 122nd Ave, between SE Foster and NE Marine Dr. We will consider changes to the street cross-section, additional enhanced crossings, lighting, signal changes and more to meet the following goals.

Overarching Goals: Increase safety for all, improve pedestrian & bicycle access and support better transit while balancing needs of freight & other modes. Identify improvements to help eliminate serious injuries and fatalities and remove 122nd Ave from the Vision Zero High Crash Corridor network. 

Current Events: 

There are multiple, on-going planning efforts to fund improvement projects on 122nd Ave. A brief summary of these efforts is below. See also this funding and implementation summary handout on 122nd Ave.


PBOT Fixing Our Streets Project on 122nd Ave in 2020

PBOT has proposed project scope elements based on the planning and community feedback received through our planning process so far on what is most important to prioritize with the funding we have now for 122nd Ave. These elements will be advanced for further project development, refinement and design. We anticipate finalizing the project scope in early 2020. We anticipate beginning construction some time in 2020.

Project Extent: NE Halsey St to SE Powell Blvd


Proposed Elements:

  • More street lighting. Prioritize upgrading lighting at existing crossings and Centers.
  • Additional enhanced and marked crossings. 1-2 locations (near SE Clinton St & near NE Davis St)
  • Protected or enhanced lanes for biking, scooting and skating.
  • Minor signal changes, to reduce conflicts and improve safety.
  • Transit priority, shared bus and right turn lane with far-side receiving bus lane in both directions at Burnside and Powell Blvd, providing a way for through buses to bypass vehicle queues.



Metro 2022-2024 Regional Flexible Funds Allocation (RFFA)

PBOT submitted a grant application to Metro for a Regional Flexible Fund Allocation for more much needed safety improvements along 122nd Ave.

Project Extent: E Burnside St to NE Sandy Blvd.

Proposed Additional Enhanced Crossings:

  • NE Beech St or vicinity
  • NE Broadway / NE Hancock or vicinity
  • NE Wasco/ NE Multnomah or vicinity
  • NE Sacramento/ NE Brazee or vicinity*

* location under consideration pending surplus funding.

Regional Flexible Funds Allocation (RFFA) grants

Options for voicing your support for the 122nd Ave grant application and other applications you care about:

  • Testify in person to Metro Council, 5 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 26
  • Take a survey by Oct. 7 to review summaries and comment on 23 proposed projects across greater Portland. Take the online survey
  • Write a letter of support from you or on behalf of your organization. Options to email, postal mail or call in the email below.


EFFORT #3: Potential candidate corridor for additional regional funding

Metro 2020 Regional Transportation Investment Measure (T2020)

Metro is shaping a regional transportation funding measure that could go before voters in November 2020. 122nd Ave is a candidate corridor for inclusion in measure under consideration with the Task Force and Metro Council. We at PBOT helped identify much needed safety, access and transit priority improvements along 122nd Ave based on the planning and community feedback received through our planning process so far. See attached PDF.

Learn more:


EFFORT #4: Complete the PBOT 122nd Ave Safety, Access and Transit Plan

The PBOT-led planning process for 122nd Ave continues, even as we advance some improvements for funding and implementation noted above. We continue to analyze and evaluate potential cross-section changes along 122nd Ave. A staff recommendation has not been reach yet. We continue to identify improvements priorities along the corridor and others recommended actions to include in the plan. Stay tuned for more updates and engagement this fall. Review background materials on this website.

View the posters from the 122nd Ave Public Open House on Nov 7, 2018. The posters include various changes to 122nd Ave under evaluation.

Overview Fact Sheet #1:     English     Spanish     Russian     Vietnamese     Somali     Tongan



 Objectives/Outcomes of this planning process:

  • Develop a multi-modal conceptual investment plan.
  • Identify any street cross-section changes.
  • Apply the Enhanced Transit Toolbox to improve transit capacity, reliability and speed.
  • Identify a subset of priority project improvements to build with the roughly $2M of Fixing Our Streets program funds for 122nd Ave in 2020, and any additional funding if secured.
  • Identify other recommended improvements for future projects to seek funding.


Plan Boundary: 122nd Ave, SE Foster Rd to NE Marine Dr (near the Columbia River).


Existing Conditions and Need:

Vision Zero logoCurrently, 122nd Ave is a High Crash Corridor that does not adequately serve all modes. It is a difficult and stressful environment to walk, bike, cross the street and access transit. The street is typically a five-lane arterial with on-street parking and narrow bike lanes that becomes turn lanes at major signalized intersection. The sidewalks are often narrow and substandard. Most of 122nd Avenue does not meet the City's new guidelines for marked crosswalk spacing. Buses experience delay, including slow average speeds, high dwell time at stops and significant travel speed variability during peak travel times.

There is growing need and community demand for a safer street and better transit, bicycle facilities, sidewalks, crossings and streetscape along the 122nd Ave corridor. 

Learn more about the existing conditions in the 122nd Ave Existing Conditions Atlas and Appendices.

Process, Public Engagement and Timeline:





Project Management and Agency and Public Involvement



Baseline Conditions and Existing Polices, Plans and Projects

Fall 2017 – Spring 2018


Development of Potential Cross-sections and Modeling Analysis

Summer - Fall 2018


Full Cross-section Analysis and Recommendations

Winter - Fall 2019


Identify Priority Improvements in Tiers (Esp. FOS-funded project)

Winter - Summer 2019


Recommended Plan

Late 2019/ early 2020


Adoption Process (if deemed necessary)


Public involvement is an essential part of the 122nd Ave planning process. Learn more about Public Engagement, Events and Materials here. Here are some key elements of out outreach strategy:

  1. A series of 3-4 ‘Community Sounding Board’ meetings with representatives from multiple community stakeholder interests coming together to provide input at key milestones and decision points.
  2. Public open houses: Present materials to the general public and seek feedback at key milestones and decision points. PBOT staff will host or partner with others to host open houses.
  3. Targeted language-based outreach in under-represented communities along 122nd Ave with the Community Engagement Liaison (CELs) program.
  4. Tabling at local events
  5. Presentations to community organizations
  6. Surveys
  7. Website
  8. Video
  9. Email updates and social media

Planning Context:

In 2015, the City entered into a partnership in which TriMet will provide Frequent Service along bus line 73 and PBOT will build at least $8 Million in safety, access and transit priority improvements in increments over roughly five years. Recently, PBOT completed roughly $4 Million of improvements along bus line 73 and TriMet increased the frequency of buses.

FOS logoCurrently, PBOT has roughly $2 Million of Fixing Our Streets (FOS) program funds allocated for design and construction of safety and access improvements along 122nd Ave in 2019-2020. This FOS funded project is another increment of investment towards this agreement with TriMet. This project has not yet been planned and scoped to identify specific improvements. Therefore, we will begin with a planning phase.

Scoping the FOS project is a major objective of this planning process, though not the only objective. The 122nd Ave Plan is an opportunity to consider broader transformation of 122nd Ave to meet our policy goals, including potential changes to the cross-section and identify additional desired future improvements beyond the FOS project.

  • 122nd Ave is on the Vision Zero High Crash Network.
  • In the Portland 2035 Comprehensive Plan, 122nd Ave is identified as a Civic Corridor from NE Sandy Blvd to SE Foster Rd with a Town Center around SE Division, a Neighborhood Center around E Burnside and the Gateway Regional Center nearby.
  • Segments of 122nd Ave were identified as Enhanced Transit candidate for improving transit capacity, reliability and speed along TriMet bus line 73.

Segments of 122nd Ave, between NE Shaver and SE Powell, are candidates for Enhanced Transit through both the City’s Draft Enhanced Transit Corridors Plan and the recently funded Regional Enhanced Transit Concept pilot program led by Metro and TriMet. Therefore, improving transit capacity, reliability and speed are important objectives along line 73 on 122nd Ave. There may be opportunity for some hot spots or segments on 122nd Ave to advance to project development through the regional ETC pilot program and potentially be incorporated into the 122nd Ave Plan.


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Contact Info: 

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