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Net Meter Revenue Policy Review



In 2018, residents in the Downtown Meter District were among various stakeholders participating on an advisory committee for developing the Parking Management Manual (PMM). Through the PMM process, advisory committee members learned about the transportation rule established by City Council in 1996 that guides sharing meter revenues with parking districts (TRN 3.102). In accordance with the policy, meter districts established after 1996 are eligible to receive a majority of the net meter revenue (interpreted as 51%) and have a stakeholder committee that helps determine how the funds are spent for transportation projects and programs in the district. The Downtown Meter District, established well before 1996, is ineligible.

Downtown Meter District residents participating on the PMM advisory committee, seeing this as an opportunity to gain more influence on how parking funds are allocated within the Downtown Meter District, began to advocate for revision to this policy, which was outside the purview of the PMM. Responding to the concerns raised by Downtown constituents, and distinguishing it from the PMM process, Director Leah Treat issued a memorandum to the PBOT Parking Operations and Planning Divisions, directing a review of the Net Meter Revenue Policy.


The purpose of this project is to reconcile policy direction as it pertains to:

  • meter revenue allocation,
  • funding priorities, and
  • the distribution of resources between meter district and citywide transportation services.

This work will formalize updates to how PBOT allocates net meter revenues from parking paystations in metered areas, update the City’s 1996 Parking Meter District Policy, and outline a comprehensive process for revenue allocation for all existing and future meter parking districts. To accomplish this, the project will evaluate practices from other cities, reconcile relevant policy direction for measures of evaluation, and consider budget impacts. The public will be involved throughout the process and contribute to developing and evaluating alternatives. This will inform recommendations to the Director and Commissioner on how net meter revenue should fit into the bigger picture of PBOT’s priorities.

Net Meter Revenue Policy Review recommendations are anticipated to go to City Council in Fall 2019.

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Francesca Patricolo, Project Manager: 503.823.5282

Last updated: 04.29.19

NMR Policy Review 1-pager

Background and short summary of scope in a printable handout.

Letter from PBOT directors

Background and direction to implement this project.

Scope of Work

2-pager outlining the project tasks, March 2019