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Fixing Our Streets (2020-2024)

What is the proposal?

In May 2016, Portland voters approved actions by the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) when they approved Measure 26-173, a new $0.10 per gallon fuel tax for repairing streets. This was the first local funding source in the city’s history dedicated to the city’s transportation system. That same month, Portland City Council passed a Heavy Vehicle Use Tax on companies operating trucks over 13 tons, which resulted in companies paying 13% of the total fuel tax revenue which was directed for use on Portland’s streets.

The Proposed Projects: 

If the measure passes, projects would be completed related to existing programs from Measure 26-173 and seek an additional $74.5 million for additional funds for paving, traffic signals, sidewalks, street lighting, as well that provide access to schools, transit, and community services. Spending from the program would be overseen by an Oversight Committee representing the communities who use Portland's streets and roads. 

The proposal if passed, would renew the temporary $0.10 per gallon fuel tax that sunsets after four years in 2024. Voters will have the opportunity to consider the measure during the May 2020 election. If the measure passes, the city would move forward with the proposed projects to complete street pavement-maintenance projects, add sidewalks, curb ramps, street lights, signs, and crosswalk improvements that include signals/beacons to Portland’s transportation system using the funding from the $0.10 per gallon fuel tax. If the measure does not pass the fuel tax would not be renewed and the following projects would not be built.

This information was reviewed by the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office for compliance with ORS 260.432.

Click here to learn more about the proposed projects and programs to be funded if the proposal is passed.


Information about Fixing Our Streets 2020-2024 is available in the following languages in an easy to share printable PDF:

- Spanish: Español

- Vietnamese: Tiếng Việt

- Chinese: 中文

- Russian: Русский

- Romanian: Română

- Ukrainian: Україньска

- Japanese: 日本語

- Somali: Soomaali

- Arabic: عربي

- Laotian: ລາວ

- English


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Learn about Fixing Our Streets in Chinese

Chương trình Chỉnh trang Đường Phố: 2020-2024

Learn about Fixing Our Streets in Vietnamese

Reparación de nuestras calles: 2020-2024

Learn about Fixing Our Streets in Spanish

Dayac tirka Wadooyinkeena: 2020-2024

Learn about Fixing Our Streets in Somali

Улучшение наших улиц в 2020-2024 гг.

Learn about Fixing Our Streets in Russian

Ne îmbunătățim străzile: 2020-2024

Learn about Fixing Our Streets in Romanian

إصلاح شوارعنا: 2020-2024

Learn about Fixing Our Streets in Arabic

市内道路の補修: 2020年~2024年

Learn about Fixing Our Streets in Japanese

Fixing Our Streets: 2020-2024

Printable / downloadable two-page summary of the Fixing Our Streets proposal in English.