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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

Fax: 503-823-7576

1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 800, Portland, OR 97204

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Design Documents


 ODOT Contract Projects Effective Date
 ODOT Addendum Letter Template  N/A
 ODOT Exception for Final PS&E Checklist - Template  04-15-11
 ODOT Exception for Final PS&E Checklist - Example  04-15-11
 ODOT Standard Drawing Certification - Example  04-15-11
 ODOT Utility Certification - Template  03-2009
 Utility Notification Forms                                           Effective Date
 2018 Utility Distribution List  01-26-18
 First Notification  06-20-18
 Second Notification  07-08-16
 Second Notification Paving Attachment   07-08-16
 Third Notification  07-08-16
 Fourth Notification  07-08-16
 Design Exceptions Effective Date
 Design Exception Instructions (PBOT)  06-24-16
 Design Exception Form (PBOT)  06-24-16
 Letter of Public Interest Finding Template  12-15-10
 Design Exception Form (ODOT)  02-21-08
 Safety Investment Program (SIP) Categories ODOT Region l  10-20-10
 Permits - Driveway Design Excepton Request Form (PBOT)  12-15-17
 ADA Design and Inspection process approval for CLA by ODOT  08-03-17
 ADA Design and Inspection process approval for CLA by FHWA  08-03-17
 FEMA Flood Plain                                                                 Effective Date
 FEMA Checklist Form 01-16-09 
 FEMA Checklist Memo 1 01-16-09 
 FEMA Checklist Memo 2 01-16-09
 FEMA Flood Summary 01-16-09 
 Checklist Plan Review Effective Date
 Printing Checklists 30-60-95 Final 08-16-19
 Street Design Review Checklist 03-16-16
 Design Items 30-60-95  03-16-15
 Plan Review Comment Sheet 01-29-18
 Plan Review Instructions 08-26-09
 City Engineer Project Checklist Report 04-12-17
 PBOT CIP Asset Mgmt Form 03-31-17
 Project Delivery Responsibilities for Capital Improvement Projects 09-07-18
 PBOT Construction Responsibilities for Capital Improvement Projects 05-01-18
QC Verification Letter Requirements 04-05-18
 Plan Sheets Effective Date
 CAD Title Block  11-27-17
 Plan Sheet Notes - PBOT  07-01-09 
 Plan Sheet Numbering - PBOT 07-17-06
 Estimation Forms Effective Date
 Estimate Report 08-16-18
 Estimate Report - Revised Estimate 08-16-18
 Estimate Template Master for Projects > $1 Million    06-05-19
 Estimate Template Master for Projects < $1 Million 06-05-19
 Fuel Escalation Estimate Worksheet     02-19-15
 Estimating Plan Quantities (ODOT) 01-01-08
 Clearing Grubbing Worksheet  10-04-10
 Remove Structures Obstructions Worksheet                                              10-04-10
 Right-of-Way and Survey Effective Date
Survey Request (Design) 05-06-14
 Survey Notice of Entry 01-16-09
 RW Services Required - PBOT                                                                06-18-09
Standard Bid Item List Effective Date
 2016 Standard BID Item List              Excel *.xls File   05-02-17
 2016 Standard BID Item List              Adobe *.pdf File                             05-02-17
 ADA Effective Date
ADA Curb Ramp Field Review Form (Inspection) 07-18-18
ADA Curb Ramp Form (Scoping) 05-17-18
 Example ADA Curb Ramp Form (Scoping) 05-22-18
 Example ADA Curb Ramp Form (Simplified Scoping) 05-22-18
ADA Curb Ramp Design Form (Design) 06-11-17
Portland ADA Curb Ramp Program: Whys, Whens, Whats, and How Tos Power Point *.pptx File (21 MB) 01-18-19
Visual Detection of Detectable Warning Material by Pedestrians with   Visual Impairments 05-24-06
CREEC ADA Curb Ramp Inspection Manual 03-16-19
Traffic Signs   Effective Date 
Sign Library 2011  01-01-2011
New Traffic Signs Addendum 10-27-2012
Obsolete Traffic Signs Addendum                                                                         09-25-2012
New Parking SIgns Addendum 09-25-2012
 Utility Vaults Effective Date
 Structurally Pre Approved Vault List  April 1997
Approved Metal Non Slip Surfaces outside the Pedestrian Through Zone        

 July 2003


 Railroad Coordination  
City of Portland Rail Coordinator
City Forms, Checklists, Flowcharts