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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

Fax: 503-823-7576

1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 800, Portland, OR 97204

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Design Documents


 ODOT Contract Projects Effective Date
 ODOT Addendum Letter Template  N/A
 ODOT Exception for Final PS&E Checklist - Template  04-15-11
 ODOT Exception for Final PS&E Checklist - Example  04-15-11
 ODOT Standard Drawing Certification - Example  04-15-11
 ODOT Utility Certification - Template  03-2009
 Utility Notification Forms                                           Effective Date
 2018 Utility Distribution List  01-26-18
 First Notification  06-20-18
 Second Notification  07-08-16
 Second Notification Paving Attachment   07-08-16
 Third Notification  07-08-16
 Fourth Notification  07-08-16
 Design Exceptions Effective Date
 Design Exception Instructions (PBOT)  06-24-16
 Design Exception Form (PBOT)  06-24-16
 Letter of Public Interest Finding Template  12-15-10
 Design Exception Form (ODOT)  02-21-08
 Safety Investment Program (SIP) Categories ODOT Region l  10-20-10
 Permits - Driveway Design Excepton Request Form (PBOT)  12-15-17
 ADA Design and Inspection process approval for CLA by ODOT  08-03-17
 ADA Design and Inspection process approval for CLA by FHWA  08-03-17
 FEMA Flood Plain                                                                 Effective Date
 FEMA Checklist Form 01-16-09 
 FEMA Checklist Memo 1 01-16-09 
 FEMA Checklist Memo 2 01-16-09
 FEMA Flood Summary 01-16-09 
 Checklist Plan Review Effective Date
 Printing Checklists 30-60-95 Final 11-07-17
 Street Design Review Checklist 03-16-16 
 Design Items 30-60-95  03-16-15
 Plan Review Comment Sheet 01-29-18
 Plan Review Instructions 08-26-09
 City Engineer Project Checklist Report 04-12-17
 PBOT CIP Asset Mgmt Form 03-31-17
 Project Delivery Responsibilities for Capital Improvement Projects 09-07-18
 PBOT Construction Responsibilities for Capital Improvement Projects 05-01-18
QC Verification Letter Requirements 04-05-18
 Plan Sheets Effective Date
 CAD Title Block  11-27-17
 Plan Sheet Notes - PBOT  07-01-09 
 Plan Sheet Numbering - PBOT 07-17-06
 Estimation Forms Effective Date
 Estimate Report 08-16-18
 Estimate Report - Revised Estimate 08-16-18
 Estimate Template Master for Projects > $1 Million    12-10-18
 Estimate Template Master for Projects < $1 Million 12-10-18
 Fuel Escalation Estimate Worksheet     02-19-15
 Estimating Plan Quantities (ODOT) 01-01-08
 Clearing Grubbing Worksheet  10-04-10
 Remove Structures Obstructions Worksheet                                              10-04-10
 Right-of-Way and Survey Effective Date
Survey Request (Design) 05-06-14
 Survey Notice of Entry 01-16-09
 RW Services Required - PBOT                                                                06-18-09
Standard Bid Item List Effective Date
 2016 Standard BID Item List              Excel *.xls File   05-02-17
 2016 Standard BID Item List              Adobe *.pdf File                             05-02-17
 ADA Effective Date
ADA Curb Ramp Field Review Form (Inspection) 07-18-18
ADA Curb Ramp Form (Scoping) 05-17-18
 Example ADA Curb Ramp Form (Scoping) 05-22-18
 Example ADA Curb Ramp Form (Simplified Scoping) 05-22-18
ADA Curb Ramp Design Form (Design) 06-11-17
Portland ADA Curb Ramp Program: Whys, Whens, Whats, and How Tos Power Point *.pptx File (21 MB) 01-18-19
Visual Detection of Detectable Warning Material by Pedestrians with   Visual Impairments 05-24-06
Traffic Signs   Effective Date 
Sign Library 2011  01-01-2011
New Traffic Signs Addendum 10-27-2012
Obsolete Traffic Signs Addendum                                                                         09-25-2012
New Parking SIgns Addendum 09-25-2012
 Utility Vaults Effective Date
 Structurally Pre Approved Vault List  April 1997
Approved Metal Non Slip Surfaces outside the Pedestrian Through Zone            July 2003