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Thanksgiving Blog Promo Winners Announced!

Wow!  Judging from the number of responses we got, Portlanders love their commute options.  Or perhaps, you just love to win stuff.  Either way, we received TONS of emails with the transportation option you are most thankful for.

I wanted to share a few that surprised us, a couple that tickled us, and one or two that made us laugh out loud.

I am supremely grateful that I live in a city and region that is so bicycle-friendly.


The bus system!! It's fantastic!!


The bus drivers are always courteous, on time, safe and very friendly!!! When the bus driver’s route changes it is always hard to see them go as they become part of your daily routine.


I'm most thankful for the bus.  No, wait, the green line, yeah that's it.  Or is it the streetcar?  No, it's definitely my bike and the City's bike lanes.  Okay, let's face it, they're all great and I use them all the time.


TriMet – I love it!!


I am most thankful that in Portland I have so many options available to me! Is it a beautiful fall day? I pump up the bike tires and ride to work! Is it pouring rain and windy when I get off work that night? I throw my bike on a bus or Max, and get a ride home!


I'm thankful for my bus driver.  He always has a big smile for me and makes my morning.


I am most thankful that I am able to walk.  I am 61, ride the bus from Vancouver, get off at the first stop and walk.  I reverse the procedure at the end of the day and am now walking 5 – 6 miles a day.  Portland is such a beautiful city!


I am very thankful for the great new bike lanes on Broadway near PSU. I feel so safe while riding along that strip.


The bus is mashed potatoes and mac and cheese - the comfort food of transportation.   The bus gives me 20 minutes of uninterrupted me time.


That I can walk to work…beside and even on the river.


And of course our favorite, pandering comment…


Wow, I'm so THANKFUL for Commuter Central!  Always keeps me in the know…


And the winners are….

Cellie B., who is most thankful for her bus driver on the 12 every morning is the “happiest man” around, wins our “Keep Active” Winter Kit.

Scott R., who is most thankful for his naps on the bus wins a $50 gift card to Pastini Pastaria.

Theo B. who is most thankful for the good advice he gets from his carpool  partners wins a big box of organic produce delivered right to his house.

Thanks all for participating and look out for our next blog promo, coming soon!