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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

Fax: 503-823-7576

1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1331, Portland, OR 97204

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Summer Cycle 2001 to 2004

Summer Cycle 2004

North Portland Arbor Lodge Park (view all)
- Peninsula Crossing and Columbia Slough Trails (PDF Document, 129kb)
- Explore North Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 104kb)
- Explore Northeast Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 113kb)
- Best Ways to Get to St Johns (PDF Document, 176kb)
- Smith and Bybee Lakes (PDF Document, 141kb)

North Portland Unthank Park (view all)
- Explore Northwest Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 110kb)
- Explore North Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 80kb)
- Explore Northeast Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 99kb)
- Best Ways to Get to Downtown (PDF Document, 133kb)
- Portland Waterfront Ride (PDF Document, 166kb)
- Sweet Summer Cycle (PDF Document, 68kb)
 Summer Cycle 2003

Southeast (Lents) (view all)
- Going East on the Springwater Corridor (PDF Document, 87kb)
- Explore Southeast Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 53kb)
- Leach Botanical Gardens and Beggars Tick Ride (PDF Document, 40kb)
- The Wildlife East of I-205 (PDF Document, 87kb)
- Ride I-205 Bikeway (PDF Document, 109kb)
- Getting Around Lents by Bike (PDF Document, 61kb)
- Sweet Summer Cycle (PDF Document, 74kb)

Southwest (Hillsdale) (view all)
- Fairmount Loop Bike Trail (PDF Document, 83kb)
- Willamette River Greenway Bike Trail (PDF Document, 82kb)
- Tryon Creek State Park Bike Trail (PDF Document, 67kb)
- Explore SW Parks and Neighborhoods by Bike (PDF Document, 86kb)
- Sweet Summer Cycle (PDF Document, 57kb)
Summer Cycle 2002

Southeast (Lents) (view all)

Northeast (Lloyd District) (view all)
- Greenway Trail Bike Path (PDF Document, 269kb)
- Explore Northwest Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 130kb)
- Explore North Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 104kb)
- Providence Rose Pedal Books & Bikes Neighborhood Ride (PDF Document, 97kb)
- Explore Southeast Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 100kb)
- Best Ways to Get to Downtown (PDF Document, 88kb)
- Portland Waterfront Ride (PDF Document, 69kb)
- Sweet Summer Cycle (PDF Document, 69kb)  

Summer Cycle 2001

North (view all)
- Peninsula Park to St. Johns Ride (PDF Document, 437kb)
- Explore Northwest Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 326kb)
- Explore North Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 310kb)
- Explore Southeast Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 512kb)
- Explore Northeast Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 253kb)
- Best Ways to Get to Downtown (PDF Document, 299kb)
- Portland Waterfront Ride (PDF Document, 442kb)
- Sweet Summer Cycle (PDF Document, 210kb)

Northeast (view all)
- 1-205 Bike Path (PDF Document, 292kb)
- Explore Northwest Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 306kb)
- Explore North Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 240kb)
- Explore Southeast Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 305kb)
- Explore Northeast Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 251kb)
- Best Ways to Get to Downtown (PDF Document, 306kb)
- Portland Waterfront Ride (PDF Document, 351kb)
- Sweet Summer Cycle (PDF Document, 173kb)

Northwest (view all)
- Waterfront/Greenway Trail (PDF Document, 535kb)
- Explore Northwest Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 276kb)
- Explore North Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 313kb)
- Explore Southeast Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 409kb)
- Explore Northeast Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 417kb)
- Best Ways to Get to Downtown (PDF Document, 252kb)
- Portland Waterfront Ride (PDF Document, 276kb)
- Sweet Summer Cycle (PDF Document, 173kb)

Southeast (view all)
- Springwater Corridor (PDF Document, 451kb)
- Explore Northwest Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 410kb)
- Explore North Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 321kb)
- Explore Southeast Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 378kb)
- Explore Northeast Neighborhoods (PDF Document, 8kb)
- Best Ways to Get to Downtown (PDF Document, 320kb)
- Portland Waterfront Ride (PDF Document, 257kb)
- Sweet Summer Cycle (PDF Document, 209kb)