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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

Fax: 503-823-7576

1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1331, Portland, OR 97204

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Southwest Portland Bike/Walk Map

View the SW Portland Bike map as a PDF

View the SW Portland Walk map as a PDF

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* Updated May 2017 *

Seventy-five percent of trips less than one mile are made by driving. Many of these short trips could be made on foot or by bicycle. It takes just 10 minutes to walk a ½ mile and 3 minutes on your bicycle – at a moderate speed. Portland has many miles of bicycle and pedestrian paths to help you increase your physical activity. This map is a useful guide for navigating SW stairways, bridges, trails and cut-throughs. Taking public transit is an easy way to increase the amount you walk too.

Map Features

Bicycle Routes shown in color:

Bicycle lanes (blue), shared roadways (green), Neighborhood Greenways (double green), difficult connections for bikes (red dotted outlines), and more.

Multi-use paths (purple):  These routes are paved for both walkers and cyclists.

Walking routes shown in color on a separate map face:

Sidewalks (blue): These routes have decent sidewalk coverage but are not necessarily on both sides of the street. Some sidewalks have curb ramps and are wide enough for two or to roll a wheelchair on. Occasionally, blue sidewalks are narrow with obstructions like telephone poles and mailboxes.

Streets without sidewalks (green): These routes have no or very intermittent sidewalks. Some portions of the streets are not paved. Routes either have low traffic volumes and speeds or have a wider shoulder to walk on.

Off-street paths and trails (purple; green dash): These routes vary greatly from paved walkways and bikeways to dirt paths between people's private yards. All are public walking routes.

SW Trails (dotted route, brown sign & numbers): These urban trails are a combination of existing roads, sidewalks, stairs, trails and walkways.  They provide marked routes for going east-west and north-south through SW Portland.

Streets to use extra caution (orange): These routes are usually the only way to get from one place to another. They are walkable but be especially careful in these areas.

Transit Information: Bus routes and stops plus MAX light rail and Portland Streetcar routes and stations, and the Portland Aerial Tram

Community Assets: Parks, community centers, schools, libraries, post offices, grocery stores, hospitals, fire stations

Note on private property: There are a few private streets and paths on the map. Active Transportation has either gotten permission to include these routes or there is a public walking easement.

Note on dogs: Dogs on a leash are welcome on all walking paths and parks through Portland. Portland has several designated off-leash areas, some that are year-round and others at certain times. Click the link for detailed information or call 503-823-PARKS. Please remember to clean up after your dog.

Walking Tips

Around the Neighborhood:

Most of the trips we take are right in our own neighborhood. Walking to the market, library, or park is a great way to get to know your neighborhood and support your local business community. You can walk to your closest park in only ten minutes from home.

To Work or School:

On a late spring morning, try walking to work or school. You may find that it’s closer than you think. If you know it’s too far, try walking to the next bus or MAX stop instead of driving.


Keeping safe requires paying attention to some simple rules you learned in grade school.

- Cross at the corner and use the crosswalk

- Walk against traffic on roads with no sidewalks

- Wear brightly colored clothing

- Watch for turning vehicles

- Look left, right and left again before crossing 

- Establish eye contact with drivers and cyclists

- Stay to the right on off-street paths shared with cyclists

To report pedestrian safety concerns call 503-823-SAFE.