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Virtual Open House #2

Virtual Open House #2 

June 29, 2011

We are very pleased with the high turnout to the project's Second Open House event held the evening of Wednesday, June 29th, 2011.  Over 120 people came out to review the Final Recommendation, provide their comments, and to talk directly with PBOT staff and the Citizen Advisory Committee members.

You can read the Summary Report of the Second Open House here.

PBOT hosted the open house, the second public event of the project, to present the final design recommendation and receive public feedback prior to submitting the plan to City Council.  The final project design has been developed in consultation with the project's Citizen Advisory Committee

Link to current Citizen Advisory Committee Design Proposal (PDF doc, 320kb, updated 6/30/2011)

Please browse the links below to find all of the materials that were presented to the community at the open house event. 


If you experience difficulty downloading this large PDF, you may download the plan by section below.

Board 1: Welcome

Board 2: Why Bikes?

Board 3: How Many People Ride in Portland?

Board 4: Why the NE/SE 50s Bikeway?

Board 5: The 50s Bikeway Missing Link

Board 6: Process/Schedule

Board 7: Public Involvement

Board 8: Open House #1

Board 9: Design Criteria

Substation: New Bikeway Speed Limit Law


Board 10: NE Thompson Street: NE 53rd Ave to 57th Ave

Substation: New Crossbike Design in Development

Board 11: NE 53rd Ave: NE Thompson to Halsey

Board 12: NE 53rd Ave: NE Halsey to Glisan

Board 13 & 14: NE 53rd Ave: NE Glisan to Burnside

Substation: Origin-destination survey data for cut through traffic on NE 53rd Ave: NE Glisan-E Burnside

Substation: Traffic Volumes NE 52nd, 53rd, 55th Avenues between NE Glisan and E Burnside

Substation: Diversion Testing Process for 53rd Ave/E Burnside

Board 15 & 16: SE 53rd - 52nd Ave: E Burnside to SE Lincoln

Board 17 & 18: SE 52nd Ave: SE Lincoln to Division

Substation: Origin-destination survey data for cut through traffic on SE 52nd Ave: SE Lincoln-Division

Substation: Traffic Volumes SE 51st, 52nd, 53rd, 54th Avenues between Division and Lincoln

Substation: Diversion Testing Process for 52nd Ave/SE Division Diversion 

Board 19: South of Division.  Division Street: The Great Divide

Board 20 & 21: SE 52nd Ave: SE Division to Powell

Substation: Summary Route Traffic Volume & Speeds

Board 22: SE 52nd Ave: SE Powell to Foster 

Board 23: On-Street Parking Utilization: SE 52nd Ave: SE Division to Foster 

Board 24: SE 52nd Ave: SE Foster to Woodstock

Board 25: On-Street Parking Utilization: SE 52nd Ave: SE Foster to Woodstock

Board 26: Summary On-Street Parking Utilization: SE 52nd Ave: SE Division to Woodstock


Board 27: Neighborhood Route - SE 54th Ave: SE Woodward to Bush

Board 28: Neighborhood Route - SE 56th Ave: SE Bush to Boise

Board 29: Neighborhood Route - SE 54th Ave: SE Boise to Mitchell

Board 30: Neighborhood Route - SE 54th Ave: SE Mitchell to Woodstock


Board 31: Overall Recommendation and Neighborhood Support

Board 32: Comments

Community members are encouraged to submit their own comments by email to and 

Board 33: Next Steps