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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

Fax: 503-823-7576

1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1331, Portland, OR 97204

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How to Prepare for Leaf Day

How to prepare

Here are several actions we strongly recommend to take full advantage of the Leaf Day Pickup Service:

  • Verify what district you are in (using our interactive map or in the search box below) and confirm your service dates. **Leaf Districts were reconfigured. Please confirm your Leave District and Pickup Date.**
  • On the day before your scheduled Leaf Day, rake your street leaves 12 inches from the curb.
  • If you have leaves from other trees on your property, rake them into the street the day before your Leaf Day.
  • Move your car and any other obstacles off the street on your Leaf Day(s).
  • If it is not possible to move a car off the street, rake your leaves away from the curb and beyond the car into the middle of the street so that our crews can pick them up.
  • Note that if you're in a Leaf District labeled NW 2, NW 3, NW 4, NW 6, NW 7, NW 8, NW 9, SW 1, SW 2 or NE 14,  moving your car is not optional. You must remove your car in these districts or it will be towed. To learn more, click here

Verify Your Leaf District and Confirm Service Date(s)

LEAF DISTRICT LOCATOR (enter your street address)


Before Leaf Day

Our crews will take away leaves that have fallen in the street, and the leaves from any trees on your property. Simply rake your leaves into the street the day before your scheduled Leaf Day(s). Please remember to sweep only leaves into the street. Yard debris -- like twigs, branches, needles and grass clippings -- should be placed in your yard debris bins because they degrade the quality of the leaf compost. 

Make sure your street trees provide 11 feet of clearance over the street so that our trucks and sweepers can get to the curb. To obtain a permit for tree trimming, call Urban Forestry at 503-823-4489. 

Make plans to move any vehicles or obstacles on Leaf Day. Obstacles include cars, trailers, boats, basketball hoops, piles of rocks and mulch you may have had delivered, or other items that would prevent our machines from getting close enough to the curb to clean the street. 

Click here for a one-page notice you may use to remind people to move their car off the street for Leaf Day.

If your property is in the Inner Westside of Portland (Leaf Districts NW 2, NW 3, NW 4, NW 6, NW 7, NW 8, NW 9, SW 1, SW 2) or in Northeast Portland's Sullivan's Gulch (District NE 14), you must move your car or it will be ticketed and towed. Any cars on the street during Leaf Day in these neighborhoods will be towed at their owners' expense. The 2016 parking citation rate is $60 plus towing fees. If towed, you can locate your vehicle by calling Police Auto Records at 503-823-0044.

Please report abandoned vehicles on your street to the Abandoned Auto Hotline at 503-823-7309.


On Leaf Day

Our leaf day crews will be cleaning the streets from 6 a.m. until we finish the route.

If you'd like the best possible clean in front of your property, move any vehicles and other obstacles off the street. These include cars, trailers, boats, basketball hoops, piles of rocks and mulch, or other items that would prevent crews from getting to the curb, picking up leaves and cleaning the street. 

If you can't move your vehicle off the street, you'll get the best results if you rake your leaves past it into the middle of the street.

If someone else's car is parked in front of your property on Leaf Day, please ask them to move their car. If that is not possible, please do your best to rake your leaves away from the curb and around the car into the middle of the street so that our machines can pick up your leaves.

Remember that our work is weather-dependent, so if there is a frost on the day of service or temperatures drop below freezing, the schedule may shift. Please check our website for updates.


If you are not in a Leaf Service District

If you are not in a Leaf Service District, you may not rake your leaves into the street. Only customers in a leaf service district are sanctioned by the city to rake their leaves into the street.

Call 503-865-LEAF (5323) to speak to a customer service representative Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or email