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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

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1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1331, Portland, OR 97204

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Let's Talk Traffic

SW Sunday Parkways route mapWhen you first glance at the SW Sunday Parkways route map you might get a bit confused.  That's understandable - it is very pretty but there is also tons of information to absorb.  Let's start with what the different colored lines mean: 

  • The red line is easy, that's the part of the route where auto traffic is not allowed unless the driver lives along that street.  A word about that - if you do live along the route please use the closest intersection to your house in order to drive on the Sunday Parkways route as little as possible - and we've got fantastic volunteers to help you get through the crowds safely.  Sunday Parkways participants know that people do live along the route and need to get to and from their homes.
  • Next the purple line, here the road will be split into two lanes, one for Sunday Parkways participants and one for one-way auto traffic.  For example on SW Vermont drivers will be able to head west only. 
  • Now the turquoise line is a bit tricky.  The road will be split into three lanes, one for Sunday Parkways participants and two for auto traffic so drivers can head both west and east.  This will require everyone to stay within their lane (mind the orange cones). 

We also have white arrows on blue squares.  Those are places where Sunday Parkways participants and auto traffic intersect - mostly large intersections.  The police are there to keep the flow of traffic (both auto and participants) moving.  At these designated route crossings, we all get to practice the kindergarten lesson of taking our turn. 

The star marks the spot where there will be tons of activities, food, merchandise, music, and fitness classes.  We will talk more about the Highlights Brochure.

The rest of the call outs on the map are pretty self-explanatory: restrooms (yay port-o-potties) and beautiful parks.

Next up - how to get to the Southwest Sunday Parkways route.