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How much does Leaf Day Pickup Service cost?

  • Residential customers, one service date: $15 (low income: $5)
  • Residential customers, two service dates: $30 (low income: $10)
  • Residential customers in Inner Westside (Leaf Zones NW 2, NW 3, NW 4, NW 6, NW 7, NW 8, NW 9, SW 1, SW 2) or in Northeast Portland's Sullivan's Gulch (Zone NE 14): $30
  • Multi-family properties greater than 4 units: $65
  • Commercial properties with a street frontage greater than 76 feet: $65
  • For more on zones receiving one service versus two and why, click here.


Why do some people pay $15 and others $30?

Some neighborhoods have more leaves than others and need an extra day of service. For these areas, we need to pass through twice to complete the job. If your neighborhood requires only one service, the cost is $15. If your neighborhood requires two passes to pick up the leaves, the cost is $30. Also, if your neighborhood is a tow zone, your one service cost is $30.


I am a low income resident. Do I have to pay the full fee?

No. Many low-income residential customers have been identified through the Portland Water Bureau customer database. Low-income residential customers with a single cleaning and who qualify for reduced water bills will be charged $5. Those with two cleanings and who qualify for reduced water bills will be charged $10 for the service. To see if you meet the low-income requirements, click here.


Don't my property taxes pay for Leaf Day service?

Actually, it is Portland's share of the State Gas Tax, not property taxes and not income taxes, that pays for maintaining and repairing Portland city streets, signs, sidewalks, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure. The Transportation Bureau provides leaf removal to protect the traveling public, maintain the asphalt, and prevent flooding.


Leaf removal used to be free, so why do I have to pay now?

It's true that residents weren't billed directly for leaf removal in the past, but it isn't true that it's ever been free. Sending employees and heavy-duty machines to clean thousands of miles of Portland streets has always cost taxpayers money. Until now, the additional cost of hauling away leaves in some neighborhoods has been part of the cost borne by all of us. Now, just those directly benefiting from the service must pay for the cost of providing the service.


When will I be billed for the Leaf Day pickup service?

Billing is on a staggered schedule where the bill will generally be sent after the first or only scheduled leaf pickup. This enables the city to send all bills before the first of the new year to customers who don't opt out. Customers who submit opt-out applications will not receive a bill, unless they don't pass their opt-out validation spot-check.

Customers who submit an opt-out application and fail the spot check will be billed for the Leaf Day service fee. They may also be subject to administrative fees of $15, which may include the costs of the spot check, billing, appeals process, and additional customer service. Their bill will be mailed as soon as practicable after their spot-check.


What will happen if I don't pay my bill?

The city will send a bill for the city-provided leaf removal service by mail to each customer. If the bill is unpaid within 30 days of the original bill date, the city will send a notice of the unpaid bill. An additional late fee of $2.50 will be charged. 

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. We've made online bill payment even easier this year. To pay online, have your Leaf Day statement ready and then click here.  

If you choose to use your bank’s online bill payment, be sure to make sure that your payment goes to the correct City of Portland department.  Leaf Day, Arts Tax and Water Bureau payments all have different mailing addresses so be sure to enter the correct address when using your bank's bill payment system.


Is my leaf account number the same as my water account number?

No. Your leaf account number and your water account number are different numbers. If you pay your bill through your financial institution, be sure to note the correct account number and billing address for payment of your leaf fee.


If someone else is parked in front of my house on Leaf Day, do I still have to pay?

Yes. If someone else's car is parked in front of your property on Leaf Day, please ask them to move their car. If that is not possible, please do your best to rake your leaves beyond the curb and beyond the car into the middle of the street so that our machines can pick up your leaves.


If I can take care of my leaves on just one of my two service dates, can I pay just half the fee?

No. You are responsible for the full fee unless you opt out of the service. If you opt out of the service, you must manage your leaves for both service dates.


I am a renter. Although I pay the water bill at my address, my landlord takes care of the yard. May I forward the bill to my landlord?

That is between you and your landlord. The program is set up so that the person who pays the water bill is the same person who receives and is responsible for paying the leaf removal bill. If your landlord agrees to pay the leaf removal fee, then please work that out with your landlord. If your landlord rakes, bags and hauls away street leaves and clears the street in front of your address from the curb to the center of the street, then you could choose to opt out of the Leaf Day Pickup Service. Again, please work that out with your landlord so that they are aware of the date(s) of your scheduled Leaf Day Pickup Service.


Who can help me understand my leaf removal bill?

Call 503-865-LEAF (5323) to speak to a customer service representative Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

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