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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

Fax: 503-823-7576

1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1331, Portland, OR 97204

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Finding Your Way with Maps and Apps links and resources

Finding your way with Maps and Apps                                            Links and resources

Section 1 – Maps

PBOT’s printed maps – Citywide Bike,   Neighborhood Bike + Walk (5 quadrants available),   Central City Bike/Walk/Transit

Other printed maps – Portland Streetcar; Metro’s Bike There!;  Beaverton,  Vancouver,  Gresham,  

PBOT’s online maps –

Suggested rides around Portland - 

Portland/NW Oregon “Recreational Bicycling Rides + Maps” -

Regional Touring “Portland Area Recreational Cycling Maps”  -

Online resources:

Bike trip planning -


Google Maps – Bike, walk, and transit trip planner  -

Ride the City -


Bikely, Map My Ride, Ride with GPS  – see how others have done it by searching maps they have posted

BikePortland forums, Shift list – query “real” people, online

Transit Trip planning - - a guide to several of the apps available on TriMet's App Center

TriMet Map Trip Planner - - a multi-modal trip planner for transit, biking, walking, or a combination

ODOT Tripcheck/Transportation Options / Bicycle (data for planning bike trips in Oregon, video of specific roads, traffic volumes, etc.)-

Bike-friendly Transit planning – Portland and region beyond - - see all the transit services in the Portland area that allow you to take your bike along

Crowd-sourced bikeway wisdom courtesy of NYTimes -

Handheld (smartphone/tablet) apps:

Transit – 

TriMet’s list of Transit Apps:

Portland Afoot Transit App Reviews:
One-page PDF summary:

TriMet Transit Tracker -

Google Maps – Bike, walk, and transit trip planner  -  (note- desktop Google Maps and Google Maps app have different functions available)

TripGo – Bike, walk, transit, taxi, car-share are all offered -

Bike -

Maplets   -

Portland Bike App -

CycleMaps  -

Ride the City -

Car Sharing –

Getaround -

Car2Go -

Zipcar -

Relay Rides -