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Portland Bureau of Transportation

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Handbook of Approved Bicycle Racks

The Bureau of Transportation provides the following list of bicycle racks in order to assist the community in selecting products where it may be otherwise difficult to ascertain whether the rack meets zoning code standards for long term bicycle parking requirements

Specifically the Bureau of Transportation has solicited information from manufacturers for bicycle racks in the following categories:

The following bicycle rack products have been reviewed by staff and have been found to meet the standards set forth in section 33.266.220.C of the Portland Zoning Code ‘Standards for all bicycle parking.’  You can find more information on City of Portland bicycle parking standards here.

If you have any questions please contact Sarah Figliozzi by phone at (503) 823-0805 or email  

Wall-mounted racks designed to hold a single bike horizontally


Huntco wall rack

Huntco, The Staple Wall/Floor

rack for a single bike





Wall-mounted racks designed to hold a single bicycle stored vertically



Ultra Space Saver Single


Huntco, The Stirrup 



 Five At Heart,

The Cradle

Saris, Bike Trac

(w/ locking bar only)



Vertical + Direct Wall Mount

Urban Racks, High Density Vertical

Rack (UB 1900*B)


Huntco, Hawthorne Direct Wall Mount  Huntco, Hawthorne Direct Wall Mount 




Racks designed to hold multiple bicycles stored vertically


standard bike racks

American Bicycle Security Company,

Ultra Space Saver (only w/ 24" spacing) 


Dero, Ultra Space Saver (only w/ 24" spacing) 

 Dobra Design, the Tau


Huntco, Hawthorne Bicycle Rack (only with 24" spacing)


Saris, Vertical Racks (only w/ locking bar and 24" spacing)


Sportworks, Vertical+ Wall System (only w/ 24" spacing)

Urban Racks, Urban High Density Rack  (only w/ 24" spacing)




Double-decker bicycle parking


Five At Heart, The Arc (only w/24" spacing)

Sportworks, Josta DoubleParks Bike Racks (only w/ 24" spacing) 


Urban Racks, Urban Double Stacker (only w/ 24" spacing)



Other Bicycle Parking Solutions


Five At Heart, The Track





Standards for all bicycle parking found in Title 33, Planning and Zoning, 33.266.220.C.3 (click to access pdf, updated 6/27/2013) are as follows:
The bicycle frame and one wheel can be locked to the rack with a high security, U-shaped shackle lock even if both wheels are left on the bicycle;
An area of 2 feet by 6 feet must be provided for each bicycle parking space in order that a bicycle six feet long can be securely held in place with its frame supported by the rack. The bicycle should not be able to be pushed over or fall in a manner that will damage its wheels or components.
The rack must be securely anchored.
>>> Full text of the Bicycle Parking section of  Title 33, Planning and Zoning, 33.266.220.C.3 (click to access pdf, updated 6/27/2013) can be found here (begins on page 24) <<<

Clarification on the use of “Inverted-U” style or “Staple” style racks:  

With correct spacing, individual floor mounted “inverted-U” style or “staple” style racks (see the City's standard bike rack as example) generally easily meets short term and long-term bicycle parking code specifications. 

Due to the ease in approving these types of racks, the Bureau of Transportation will not be creating a list of individually approved bicycle rack products of this style. The Bureau does maintain a list of contact information of bicycle rack manufacturers, almost all of which produce this type of rack.  This list of contact information is available on our Bicycle Parking Rack Manufacturers webpage here.  

For the City's standards on rack dimensions, please refer to the administrative rule guiding rack installation in the right of way: TRN - 10.09 - BIcycle Rack Permit.

Are you aware of other bicycle parking products that meet City of Portland Zoning Code standards?

Please answer the below questions for each of the bicycle rack products you are submitting for consideration. Typically these racks would be used to fulfill a development’s long-term bicycle parking requirement. 

Limit your response to 5 pages maximum per product, including illustrations.

  1. Product name and/or product number and link to website with more product information. 
  2. Provide a photo or illustration showing that the bicycle frame and one wheel be locked to the rack with a high security, U-shaped shackle lock if both wheels are left on the bicycle.
  3. If designed to accommodate 2+ bicycles, provide an illustration showing a minimum of 24” spacing between bicycle frames. (City of Portland code requires a 6’ x 2’ footprint per bicycle)
  4. Provide a photo or illustration showing that the rack supports the bicycle frame so that the bicycle cannot be pushed over or fall in a manner that will damage its wheels or components.
  5. Provide an illustration showing how the rack anchored to the wall, ceiling, or ground.
  6. Attach a photo of the bicycle rack to be included on this webpage. Ideally the photo will include a bicycle attached to the rack with a U-shaped shackle. Crop the photo in a square, 400 x 400 pixels.  Do not include any company logos.  

Submissions can be sent by email to Sarah Figliozzi at