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Portland Bureau of Transportation

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Type of permits

Community event application – do I qualify?  



Types of Permits

I want to close a street for a crane lift, what kind of permit do I need?
You need a Street Use permit from the permit center. A street use permit allows us to close streets for construction or utility work. Please call 503-823-7365 or visit to get started.

I’m organizing a run/bike ride, what kind of permit do I need?
You will need a Special Events permit.  The Special Events Program permits all moving events on streets and/or sidewalks, such as runs, walks, marches, parades or bicycle races. Contact Allison Madsen at 503-865-2482 or visit

My neighbors and I want to have a bbq and let our kids play in the street, what kind of permit do I need?
You should apply for a block party permit.  Block party permits allow neighbors to shut down a street for a day. Please call 503-823-4003 or visit

My church would like to hold a picnic for our parishioners and surrounding community members, what kind of permit do I need?
You will need to apply for a community event permit. Community event permits are larger in scale than block party permits.  Please call 503-823-7073 or 503-823-1099 or visit

Community event application – do I qualify?  What are the regulations? 

What types of events are eligible for a community event street closure? 
Community events are larger events that invite participants from the entire neighborhood or the greater community.  They are non-political, non-commercial and provide a civic benefit to the community.  The event must be free to the general public. Examples of the types of events are: farmers markets, neighborhood street fairs, tree lightings, church picnics, art shows, maker fairs, and so much more.  If you are wondering if your event fits into the guidelines of a community event permit, please call 503.823.7073 or 503-823-1099.

Do I have to have a non-profit beneficiary for my community event?
Yes. If the organization applying for the permit is a for-profit entity, then you are required to partner with a non-profit beneficiary.  We will need a letter from the non-profit beneficiary acknowledging its relationship with the event. 

Can I sell tickets to enter the event in the street?
No.  The event that takes place in the street closed area must be free and open to the public. The City of Portland does not issue permits for private events in the public right of way.  Please use private property for private events.

What can I close and how long can I close it for?

Do I have to close the entire street?
No.  You can close half of a block or part of the block but you still must notify ALL the residents on the block by flyer. Please note that you are required to submit signatures of notification from every property that will be within the closed street area.  You do not need to provide signatures of notification for the portion of the block that is not closed but please provide a notification flyer of the closure.  Also, your traffic control plan will need to detail how and where you plan to safely close the portion of the street.  

Can I close the sidewalks in addition to the street?
You can close one sidewalk but must leave one open for pedestrians that wish to travel through the street closed area.

Can I close the intersection and multiple blocks?
Yes, but keep in my mind the more streets you want to close, the more complex your traffic control will be.

Can I close the street for more than one day?


Is the street I want to close available on my chosen date?
This usally isn't a problem but you can give us a call and we can let you know if there is an application or permit issued for the same location.

When will you deliver my barricades?
We don’t provide any traffic control devices.  If you need to rent them, try contacting the following businesses.  If you know of any other companies, please let us know and we will add them to this list:

  • American Barricade Co, 173 NE Columbia (530) 285-6616
  • Block Party Barricades, 833 SE Main (503) 583-8531
  • D & H Flagging, 1612 SE Holgate (503) 232-2488
  • Portland Rent All, 10101 SE Stark (503) 548-4884

I want to close a street that has a Tri-Met bus on it, what should I do?
Contact Tri-Met at 503-962-8117.  Additional permits may apply.

I want to have amplified music at my event
Contact Noise Control at 503-823-7350 or

There is metered parking on the street, how do I get that reserved?
Indicate how many metered spaces are on the street on your application.  A parking enforcement officer will go out and place reservation devices for you the business day before your event.

If I want to have alcohol at my event what OLCC permits do I need to get?

You are required to get a Temporary Sales Permit from OLCC. Please see link: The forms ask for signature from the local government which can be obtained from The City of Portland Liquor Licensing Program located in City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Ave. Room 110 Portland Oregon 97204.


Do I need to notify people on the block?
Yes.  We require you to notify people on the block 4-6 weeks prior to the event.  We supply a signature gathering form for your convenience but you are also required to create a flier with all of the pertinent information (including: dates, times, contact name and number) to leave at each property along the street.

 For questions or more information:
Kristan Alldrin: 503.823.7073  Kalise Rucker 503.823.1099
 Fax:  503.279.3953