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Publication Box Siting Requirements

Siting Requirements:

All publication boxes must be placed on a sidewalk, parallel to the curb and face the pedestrian zone.  But what else must be considered when looking to have a publication box in the public right-of-way?

About the publication box itself:

  • Maximum height is 50 inches (or 4’2”)
  • Maximum width is 24 inches (or 2’)
  • Maximum depth is 24 inches (or 2’)
  • If a co-located publication box, must be black in color and design must be similar to existing co-located publication boxes installed around Pioneer Courthouse Square unless in a design district.  If in design district, may be allowed to vary standards.

About securing the publication box:

  • May be chained to a sign post, street light, or signal/utility pole
  • If the above are painted, a rubber coated steel chain or cable is required to secure box
  • Distance between the publication box and the above can be no longer than 6 inches
  • If the above are owned by the City of Portland, no written permission required
  • If the above are not owned by the City of Portland, written permission of the owner of the sign post, street light, or signal/utility pole is required.
  • CANNOT be fastened in any way to street furniture, public art, bicycle racks, or street trees.

About placement of the publication box:

    • Located in groupings with a combined length of no greater than 10 feet, immediately abutting each other
    • At least 20 feet must be left clear between groupings of publication boxes (free standing) along the same block face
    • No free standing publication boxes may be placed within 175 feet of installed co-located publication box
    • Cannot be located where the unobstructed pedestrian zone is less than 8 feet within pedestrian districts and City walkways, or 6 feet on all other sidewalks
    • Cannot be located at any distance less than 2 feet from the street side face of the curb, measured to the side of the publication box closest to the curb
    • Cannot be located on any grating, manhole cover or access lid
    • Cannot be placed within 5 feet of:
      • any crosswalk
      • any fire hydrant
      • any drinking fountain
      • any public art
      • any driveway, alley, or curb cut
      • any portion of an ADA ramp
      • a marked disabled parking space
      • a marked loading or taxi zone
    • Cannot be within:
      • a traffic island, median or traffic circle
      • a transit platform unless allowed by Portland StreetCar or TriMet
      • the corner of two intersecting sidewalk corridors, as determined by the adjacent property lines extended
  • Cannot be located where:
      • it may cause damage to any landscaping, including, but not limited to lawn, flowers, shrubs, or trees
      • it may cause damage to or interfere with the use of pipes, vault areas, telephone or electrical cables/wires or other utility facilities
      • it obstructs access to parked vehicles
      • it obscures any fixed regulatory or informational sign