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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

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Publication Box Enforcement and Violations


If a publication box (including a co-located publication box) is found to be in violation of City Code Chapter 17.46  an attempt will be made to contact the Permittee (co-located publication box) or Distributor (free standing publication box) to provide notification of violation.

A publication box (including a co-located publication box) will be deemed abandoned and may be removed by the City if:

  • Above contact cannot be made after 15 days
  • Violations go uncorrected for 30 days after notification
  • It remains empty for a period of 30 consecutive days

Uncorrected violations will be subject to fine.  (See Fine Schedule below)

The City will store all removed Publication boxes (including co-located publication boxes) for 3 months.

  • During this period, the permittee or distributor may redeem boxes after paying any outstanding fines, penalties and storage fees. (See Fine Schedule below)
  • After this period the City may auction, sell, or dispose of any Publication Box (including a co-located publication box) that is not redeemed from storage.


Fee and Fine Schedule:

Permit for Free Standing Publication Box

Not required

Permit for Co-located Publication Box


First Violation


Second and Subsequent Violation


Storage Fee