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Vista Bridge Deterrent Design Criteria

Design Criteria for the Vista Bridge Deterrent

The physical suicide deterrent system for the Vista Bridge must:

  1. Impede the ability of an individual to jump off the Vista Bridge either to commit suicide or as a recreational activity.
  2. Not cause safety or nuisance hazards or restrict access to users including pedestrians, bicyclists, City staff, and City contractors or security partners.
  3. Include the restoration and strengthening of deteriorated elements of the Vista Bridge railing.
  4. Maintain the historical integrity of the Bridge and satisfy all Local, State, and Federal historic preservation laws and recommended standards and guidelines.
  5. Not have a negative impact on the structural stability or strength of the Vista Bridge.
  6. Maintain views from the Vista bridge, to the fullest extent possible
  7. Have minimal visual and aesthetic impacts on the Vista Bridge.
  8. Barrier design must be sympathetic with the design of the Vista Bridge.
  9. Be able to be maintained as a routine part of the on-going Bridge maintenance program and without undue risk of any injury to City employees and contractors.
  10. The design must maintain access to the viewpoint benches.
  11. Be cost effective to construct and maintain.
  12. Not in and of itself create undue risk of injury to anyone who comes in contact with the suicide deterrent system.
  13. Have minimal disruption to the Light rail use below the bridge during construction.