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Portland Bureau of Transportation

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The Benefits of Walking

For Your Health

Walking, a FREE form of exercise needing no extra equipment, also
provides an amazing amount of health benefits.

Walking is one of the cheapest ways to help you stay strong and fit.
What a great way to increase bone density, improve joint health and
increase muscle strength!

Not only can your physical health improve, but walking can also
increase your energy level, your ability to cope with stress, depression
and anxiety, AND increase your brain power. Start walking?

What a smart idea!

For Your Community

Walking is a great way to connect with neighbors and get to know your
neighborhood. Discover beautiful gardens, pocket parks, local shops
and interesting architecture.

A neighborhood where people walk is a place where people are
watching out for each other.

For the Environment

Walking is great for the environment, too.

If the average American walked to work or to shop
just once every two weeks instead of driving, close to
1 billion gallons of gasoline pollutants would be prevented
from entering the atmosphere every year.

If we all swapped one car journey a week for walking
instead, car traffic levels would reduce by at least 10%.

No matter how we get around, we are all pedestrians
at one time or another every day.