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Interview with a Photographer - Kevin Koch

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Every year Sunday Parkways likes to provide a new way to view Sunday Parkways. Last year, we picked attendees from across the events. This time we will view Sunday Parkways through the lens of our photographers. Our first photographer of the year, Kevin Koch, joins us to share his favorite photos, his history in Portland, and his view of the Sunday Parkways events. 


What do you like about taking photos?

Showing the world what I see and interpret (it). Seeing a unique perspective.

What made you interested in bike events?

I am really into biking anyway.It combines my love of biking and photography. I am in mountain biking, bike touring, commuting, and just riding for the hell of it. 

Had you been to Sunday Parkways before you came to this event?

I have not. It’s my first event.  

Why do you think Sunday Parkways is important to the City?

It brings people together. I think it gets people to wipe off their bikes and go for a ride and remember how fun it is. To remember how fun it is, start commuting to work…better for their work and have some fun going to work every day. 

Seeing new neighborhoods and parks. I have never been to any of those parks and it will be cool to see what else is out there. I have been down the Spring Water, and have taken it down to Sellwood. However, I haven’t done too much exploring of outer Sellwood. There was a kayaking event happening with Next Adventure.

To see the full interview and a larger collection of his photos, click here.  

So, what’s your day job?

I do electrical design. We work with engineers to develop construction booklets for constructors to create any kind of design. I do a lot of aerospace design. We do upgrades to airports. I used to do electric design for air preparation – taking the air you breathe and converting it into nitrogen and oxygen for hospital. I then switched over to mechanical design when I moved cross country. I switched jobs, city, part of the country and pretty much everything. I wasn’t happy in my hometown. The winters were long and cold. I grew up outside of Buffalo, New York.

Are you a Portland Native? If not, what brought you to Portland?

I was looking to move to the west coast. My cousin was working here at Columbia, and on a visit to see her I fell in love with it (Portland and the surrounding areas). I found a job and moved to Portland. I like the bike culture that it brings, the Columbia River gorge, and the coast. For me it had everything, and it wasn’t an overwhelmingly big city.

What was your favorite photo of the day? 

I really like the really cool view into the guys dance moves. It really spoke to me. I liked that it had that feel, that you could tell that it was raining, and it felt like he was causing the rain. Like a rain dance. I did notice how everyone stopped what they were doing and was paying attention. The dancers were mesmerizing and that was what I was trying to capture.