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Interview with a Photographer (NE Sunday Parkways)

The Ride

For every Sunday Parkways this year we are interviewing our Photographer to grasp their unique experience capturing Sunday Parkways. This month we highlight Izzy. Read the full interview below: 

Baby and MeWhat brings you to Sunday Parkways?

I do photography on the side right! It’s a way to develop my photography skills. I was referred to Neal to inquire about a possibility to be a photographer for Sunday Parkways.  Not only could I develop photography skills, but also bike skills. It’s not something that I did before and it was super fun. In retrospect that are things that I would do different, as I learned a lot of things I can do and shouldn’t do with my camera.

So you are our photographer?! What do you like about taking photos?

For me personally, it’s a really good outlet for creative or art that exists in me. The way I am able to capture a moment or a feeling. It’s an easy way to have a artistic outlet. It’s a way for me to dabble on the art side of things. I do finance for work. I really like telling a story through art.

What made you interested in this bike event?

This was the first time which was why it was pretty challenging. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. I usually do banquets and event photography, so folks BIKETOWNare not as mobile. It is different, but fun.

Had you been to Sunday Parkways before you came to this event?

It was my first Sunday Parkways with a camera. It was a great day. It was a lot of fun, and every spot that I made it to was like I was in a different city almost. The parks (are located) so far from what I need or what I do, so I rarely get on that side of town, so it was great to have that side of town blocked off so I could explore it by bike.

What did you think of Sunday Parkways?

I have gone to other Sunday Parkways, but I have never done the full route! I was at a wedding once, and the friend’s wedding was on the route – so we joined Sunday Parkways from the wedding!

HappyHow did you get around during Sunday Parkways?

I followed the route and was on my bike! There was a lot of people that I was unintentionally riding with. We ended up riding and following the route together.

Why do you think Sunday Parkways is important to the City?

Something that I noticed is that it’s a lot of families, it’s a lot of children. While I did see some children/folks playing pokemon go, but overall it was nice to see people outdoor together with their families. Vendors had interactive ways to interact with Sunday Parkways.

It’s a great way to know your city. A lot of the streets that were blocked, I wouldn’t be able to go there on my bike if it wasn’t for Sunday parkways.

What brought you to Portland?

I moved to Portland in 2007. I graduated from college and I quickly outgrew the small town I was living in. I moved to Le Grande, Oregon from Mexico when I was 16. My sister started a restaurant in there and asked me to come up here and help her out. Well, I was from a small town where we didn’t have all the amenities we have here. So it was hard to go back, because I knew there was nothing there for me. My sister’s only sponsor request was that I go to school if I stay. After graduating from high school in Le Grande, a really small town of 15,000 – 12,000 people, I knew I wasn’t going to just work at the small town taco bell there. My goal was to go to Seattle, but I visited Portland, and stayed here. I got a job after 2 weeks, and a place to live and everything worked out great. If people ask me where I am from, I say Portland. Portland is my home.