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Road Etiquette: We're all in this together

"We're all in this together" graphic

 Every neighborhood benefits from safe and inviting streets, and Portland is no exception.  Whether on foot, riding a bike or in a car, sharing the road is what we’re all about.

bicycle graphic When You Bike

Pedestrians have the right of way
. In the crosswalk or at an unmarked intersection, cyclists are required to stop for pedestrians. (ORS 811.028)

Signal left with left hand, right with right.

Be predictable. Ride with the flow of other vehicle traffic. (ORS 814.400) Maintain a straight line of travel whenever possible.

Mind the signs and signals. Stop at stop signs and obey red lights, just like all other vehicles. (ORS 811.260)

Communication is key. Hand signals help other road users know where you’re headed. Signal when you are able, but don’t sacrifice safety when two hands are needed to operate the brakes. (ORS 814.440)

Ride aware. Approach all intersections with caution. Cyclists riding in a bike lane have the right of way, but turning vehicles may not see you. 

use a white front light and red rear lightBe seen, be safe. A front white light and a rear red reflector are required by law when riding at night or in low visibility conditions. (ORS 815.280) In addition, we recommend a rear red light and bright or reflective clothing and accessories.

Keep an ear clear. Increase safety and communication by leaving one ear bud, or both, out when you ride.

 graphic of a carWhen You Drive

watch for bikes when turning right

Pedestrians have the right of way. In the crosswalk or at an unmarked intersection, drivers are required to stop for pedestrians. (ORS 811.028)

Check before you turn. Get in the habit of checking your side-view mirror before every right turn in case a cyclist is overtaking on your right.

Communication is key. Signaling your turns well in advance helps cyclists and other vehicles know where you’re headed. (ORS 811.400) Law requires a signal at least 100 feet before you turn. (ORS 811.335)

look for bikes before opening the car door.Mind the door zone. Take care when opening a door into the bike lane or street so as not to hit a passing bicycle rider with your door. (ORS 811.490)

Respect the bike lane. Motorists are required to yield to cyclists in bike lanes, so let them pass before turning or parking. (ORS 811.050) Keep clear of a solid bike lane until you reach your intersection or where the lane becomes dashed. (ORS 811.440) 

Give a little room. When passing a cyclist, five feet of distance is preferred while three feet is the minimum. (ORS 811.065)


Click this link to view this information as a PDF.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on sharing the road see Understanding Portland's Bicycle Symbols and Markings.