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Common Parking Violations

Below is a list of 20 common parking violations in Portland. Source:  Municipal Code, City of Portland, Title 16: Vehicles and Traffic

Questions?  Call 503-823-5195 from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday). Vehicles parking in violation of the following regulations are subject to citation and/or tow:

Note:  In the list below, not all circumstances are described for every specific violation. Anyone parking in Portland needs to comply with the following rules and any other special parking regulations.   

Overtime meter

Purchased meter receipt has expired. Meter Enforcement.

No meter receipt

No valid meter receipt is displayed. How to Use a Pay Station.

Failure to display current registration

Vehicles parked on the public right-of-way must have current registration or current permit.  Contact Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services for registration renewal.

Loading zone

Vehicle parked* in a loading zone.

Improper display of parking meter receipt

Display instructions on the meter receipt were not followed.

No front or rear plate

Vehicle does not have the state supplied front and rear plates mounted.

Overtime parking

Leave the blockface when the time limit of a short-term meter is over. A short-term meter has a time limit of less than 4 hours.  Also see meter feeding below.

Area permit required

Vehicle parked in an Area Parking Permit Program zone without the specific parking permit for that zone.

No parking anytime

Parked in a no parking zone.

Meter feeding

Once a receipt has expired the meter was used to obtain more time. At a short-term meter (less than 4 hours), do not return sooner than 3 hours to the same blockface.

Blocked driveway

Do not block a paved or unpaved driveway including the curb returns or wings, even if the driveway has gates, chains, posts, or other barriers.

Prohibited time

Parking in an area with posted prohibited times.

Wrong way

Park in the direction of traffic at parallel and angle spaces.  Motorcycles may angle park in a parallel space.

Disabled/wheelchair zone

ONLY vehicles with a DMV authorized disable plate/placard may use disabled zones, whether on a public street or in parking lot open to the public.  Click here for more information about Disabled Parking Permits.

Reserved zone

Parking in a zone that has been posted as reserved for specific days, dates, and times. Temporary Parking, Sidewalk, Street Use Permits.

Fire hydrant

Do not park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant in any location.  It does not have to be posted by signs or a yellow curb.

Carpool zone

Parked in a carpool parking zone without a carpool parking permit displayed.

Abandoned auto

Any type of vehicle abandoned and/or stored on the public right-of-way in excess of 24 hours will be subject to CITATION and TOW AWAY.  This includes boats, campers, trailers, etc.  Click here for more information about Abandoned Autos. Questions on abandoned autos? Call 503-823-7309, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday

Handicapped ramp

Do not park in front of a handicapped access ramp.

Park over crosswalk

Do not park in a crosswalk whether marked or unmarked.

*Any vehicle that remains in the same spot for more than 30 seconds is considered "parked" - even with a driver at the wheel.