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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

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Traffic Control Plan Information

If you are submitting an application to close a travel lane, sidewalk, or street, you also need to submit a traffic control plan (TCP) with your application.  This TCP can either be:

1. A site-specific plan that you have created;

2. A statement of your intent to use the traffic control guidelines found in the PBOT Traffic Manual.  Click here for a guide to when you may be eligible to reference the manual instead of creating a site-specific plan.  Please note that if you select this option on your application, a PBOT traffic engineer may request a site-specific TCP from you if the location and/or your closure aren’t adequately covered by the manual.  If you do not submit a site-specific TCP with your application, you are required to include a work space diagram showing the area of your impact to the street.  Click here for an example.  

*All permit requests for sidewalk use/closure, lane & street closure also require Insurance*

All site-specific Traffic Control Plans must accurately show the street details of your site, and clearly depict your work zone and the proposed closure.

If you choose to create your own TCP, here are some tools:

1. Use our new interactive Traffic Control Plan BaseMap to create a starting point.  Zoom to your work location, and print or save a map to your computer.

2. Add your work zone and proposed traffic control to the base map.  Reference our new Traffic Control Manual to make sure you are meeting our requirements.

Add the following information to your basemap, to create a complete Traffic Control Plan.

  •  Title block with:
         o Address of work site & project name (if work is in the street, identify general address) 
         o Contractor name, contact name & number (with emergency number) & email address 
  • TCP overlay with: 
          o Legend 
          o North arrow 
          o Number of Travel Lanes
          o Direction of Travel
          o Work zone clearly depicting which portion of the street/sidewalk it occupies
          o Street names, including the two nearest cross streets that the work zone falls in between 
          o Detour route signs
          o The following may NOT be used as a base map: Google Maps; Aerial View; Building Plan; Parking Location Diagram (on Street Use Permit Application)
  • Read our Traffic Control Plan Submittal Requirements for more detailed information. TCP's MUST be legible and neat. We will reject TCP's that do not meet these requirements.  
  • PBOT has a new Traffic Control Manual that outlines our policies and guidelines for developing temporary traffic control plans.  Please make sure that the TCP you create meets the guidelines set forth in the manual. 




Once prepared, permits are available at:
The Permit Center Transportation Counter
1900 SW 4th Ave. 1st Floor, Portland, OR 97201
Phone: 503.823.7365  Fax: 503.865.3442  Email:
Open: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Thurs 8:00 a.m. to Noon