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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

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Long Term Complex Temporary Street Use Permit (Traffic Control)

Planning a long term construction project in the City of Portland? If your job will have an impact on the public right-of-way (ROW), you will need to apply for and obtain temporary street use permits from PBOT.

*** Long Term Complex Temporary Street Use Permit Application Form ***

- For our purposes, the Long Term distinction is for projects lasting longer than 4 weeks.

- The maximum length of a permit is 26 weeks. (Can be renewed).

- The submission of an application is good for 1 block face. Each frontage needs its own application.

- Please visit our Temporary Street Use Application Process Page to learn more about what happens once an application has been submitted.


 Questions? Submit inquiries to the Large-Scale Construction Permit Planning form for a response.
We strongly encourage you to contact us early in your planning stages.


 Here are some important things to consider regarding the construction phase of the project:

 Sidewalks  Bicycle Access
  • Create a plan that maintains safe pedestrian access (i.e. protected pedestrian walkway) instead of closing sidewalks and detouring pedestrians.
  • Read our Sidewalk Closure Guidelines
  • Safe bicycle access must be maintained adjacent to the jobsite.
  • Limit impacts to existing bicycle facilities (bike and, neighborhood greenways, etc) and provide accommodations if necessary.
Fees Restricted Use
  • Fees vary depending on how the site is configured, how much space is being used, and how the space is being used.  
  • Rates change with each new fiscal year, so the fees may change over the life of your project. See our current Fee Schedule
  • Public ROW temporary permits are designed to facilitate deliveries and other construction activities.
  • Public ROW temporary permits are NOT designed for long-term material storage or employee parking.
  • Please design your site plan with this in mind.

Additional requirements: 

  • You need to submit a Traffic Control Plan for any sort of sidewalk, travel lane, and/or street closure.
  • You need a current Certificate of Insurance on file before we can issue a closure permit.
    Insurance Requirements 
    must be emailed to or call 503-823-7142
  • If your project meets the below criteria, you should include a Transportation Management Plan (TMP) with your submittal.


A project with sustained work zone impacts to an arterial street, bikeway, or city walkway for more than two weeks.


A general term denoting a highway primarily used by through traffic, usually on a continuous route or a highway designated as part of an arterial system. As a general guide, any city street with lane markings can be considered an arterial street.


A generic term for any road, street, path, or way that in some manner is specifically designated for bicycle travel, regardless of whether such facilities are designated for the exclusive use of bicycles or are to be shared with other transportation modes. As a general guide, any city street or path with bicycle lanes, "sharrows", or other bicycle amenities can be considered a bikeway.


Streets designated as “City Walkway,” “Central City Transit/Pedestrian,” or streets within a “Pedestrian District” as indicated by the City of Portland Transportation System Plan. These streets are typically located within community centers, and along arterial streets.

Filling out the Application:

  • If you are requesting permits on more than one street, please complete one application form for each street. This form will detail what you are requesting on that particular street.
  • On the application, "sidewalk closure" means a full closure of the sidewalk area, while "sidewalk use" means a partial use of the sidewalk area with a pedestrian walkway maintained on the existing sidewalk area. For either of these options, you'll need to indicate the dimensions of the sidewalk area you are requesting to close.
  • If you will be fencing off a portion of the ROW, we need the dimensions of the closed area. Please include these dimensions with your application submittal.


  • Will your work impact a TriMet bus route?  Please contact them early in the planning stages.  They can be reached at 503-962-4949 or
  • Will your work block access to a parking paystation? Please refer to the Paystation Removal Guidelines
  • If your work will impact a Biketown Installation, contact Steve Hoyt-Mcbeth at
  • If your work will impact any Public Art Installations, contact Keith Lachowicz in the Regional Arts & Culture Council at 503-823-5404
  • Advance notification to adjacent property owners is required.

Review time:

  • For complex projects, review times may vary.  Long-term projects often require more extensive review, and this can require alterations to your proposed start date.


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