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Portland RideSharing


What Is Ride Sharing?

You have ride share options in Portland! Take a peek inside and use this simple guide to see which options are best for you.

“Ride sharing” means driving or riding in a vehicle that you don’t own to get around. It’s one industry that has emerged from the ever-evolving sharing economy. In Portland, there are many options to choose from. From bicycles to smart cars; pick-up trucks to cargo vans — there is a shared vehicle available for nearly every transportation need. Some companies even let you earn money by renting your own vehicle to others. This guide will help you understand the service that each company has to offer, so you can choose the ride-share platform that is right for you.

The best part about ride sharing is that it provides all of the convenience of having access to a car when you need one, and none of the expense that comes with ownership when you don’t.


**This is a relatively new industry, which means that these services are changing every day. The purpose of this webpage is to give you a simple overview of the options that are available in the city of Portland. For the most up-to-date information, please call or visit the websites of the companies listed inside.

Explore Portland’s Ride Share Options









Free parking
at metered








Short-Term Car and Bike Share

You need a vehicle for a short trip (from 10 minutes to an hour or more) and prefer to drive or bike yourself.

Car share service providers include insurance coverage in their rental rates, fuel for cars, and some even allow you to park the car for free at metered parking spaces. Visit each company's website for the fine print.

ST_RideSharing_biketown_icon.png ST_RideSharing_bytheminutecarshare_icon.png PAY BY THE MINUTE / ONE WAY

Bike Share* 866-512-BIKE

ST_RideSharing_ondemand_icon.png ST_RideSharing_parking_icon.png

ST_RideSharing_car2go_logo.png 877-488-4224

ST_RideSharing_ondemand_icon.png ST_RideSharing_parking_icon.png ST_RideSharing_bikeracks_icon.png

ST_RideSharing_bythehourcarshare_icon.png PAY BY THE HOUR OR DAY / ROUND TRIP



ST_RideSharing_reservations_icon.png ST_RideSharing_multiplevehicles_icon.png


ST_RideSharing_reservations_icon.png ST_RideSharing_parking_icon.png ST_RideSharing_makemoney_icon.png ST_RideSharing_multiplevehicles_icon.png

*Parking a BIKETOWN bike at a designated orange bike station is free of charge. Any BIKETOWN bikes that are left at unauthorized bike racks will incur additional charges.

**GetAround allows individuals to rent cars from other people or earn money renting their own vehicles, this is known as a peer-to-peer service.


You need a ride — right now. Whether from the airport or just across town and prefer not to drive yourself.

ST_RideSharing_pedicab_icon.png PEDI CAB

A bicycle taxi powered by a human. Here is a list of permitted companies and contacts in Portland:

ST_RideSharing_ondemand_icon.png ST_RideSharing_reservations_icon.png

ST_RideSharing_vehicleforhire_icon.png VEHICLE FOR HIRE

Find a comprehensive list of permitted companies and their contact information here:

ST_RideSharing_ondemand_icon.png ST_RideSharing_reservations_icon.png ST_RideSharing_accessibility_icon.png

Long Term Bike and Car Rental

You need a vehicle for multiple hours or days and want a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, and you prefer to drive or bike yourself.

ST_RideSharing_bikerentals_icon.png BIKE RENTAL

Companies like Spinlister and many local bike shops offer daily bike rentals. Check out a comprehensive list here:


ST_RideSharing_shorttermcarrental_icon.png CAR RENTAL

Many companies in Portland offer airport pick-ups, box truck rentals and more. You can even rent a car from someone in your neighbor­hood through a service like Turo. To see a list of them, go here:

ST_RideSharing_reservations_icon.png ST_RideSharing_multiplevehicles_icon.png ST_RideSharing_accessibility_icon.png


Bike Share: Just like car sharing, but with a bicycle!

Peer-to-peer: Renting vehicles or purchasing services from private individuals, rather than directly from a business. This includes Getaround, Turo, Spinlister, Uber and Lyft. These platforms also allow users to earn money by listing their own vehicles or signing up as drivers.

Point-To-Point: Picking up a vehicle in one location and ending in another. No round trips necessary!

Ride share vs. Car share: Ride sharing is when you are either coordinating a ride with someone or paying a neighbor to give you a ride. This includes carpools, van-pools, and services like Lyft or Uber.

Vehicles for hire: Hiring a driver to give you a ride with their own vehicle, rather than using a rented vehicle to drive yourself.

You can find a PDF version of Unlock Portland Ride Sharing  by clicking here .