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Bylaws of the Citizens Bicycle Advisory Committee

<Revised and Adopted 13 July 2010>


The purpose of the Citizens Bicycle Advisory Committee of Portland is to advise the Mayor and City Council and all departments of the City on all matters relating to the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation and recreation.  The responsibilities of the committee shall include but are not limited to:

Section 1.  Bikeway Policy

a. Review and make recommendations on planning documents prepared by City departments affecting the use of the bicycle as a transportation and recreational mode.  These shall include but are not limited to the Comprehensive Plan, Arterial Streets Classification Policy, Neighborhood Plans, area-wide Development Plans, and the Central City Plan.

b. Review and make recommendations regarding funding priorities for Bicycle Program activities and Capital Improvement Projects insofar as they relate to bicycling.

c. Monitor activities of other jurisdictions, Metro, and the State as they affect bicycling in the City.

Section 2. Bikeway Implementation

a. Review and make recommendations on Capital Improvement Projects developed by City departments and outside agencies to ensure that adequate consideration is given to bicycles.

b. Review and make recommendations regarding Bikeway Signing and Improvement Plans.

c. Advise Office of Transportation staff on issues related to public involvement in Bikeway improvement projects with the goal of developing a consensus among the affected public.

Section 3. Education and Enforcement

Advise City staff on issues related to promoting bicycle safety and education.

Section 4. Citizen Input

Encourage citizen participation in identifying problem areas, reviewing existing facilities, and planning and implementing new projects and programs.


Section 1. Composition of Committee

The membership of the committee shall consist of thirteen (13) members with full standing and up to five alternate members.

Section 2. Appointment

a. Qualifications: Any adult resident of the Portland Metropolitan area shall be eligible for membership.  Applicants should have an interest in promoting the use of the bicycle for transportation and recreation, have good interpersonal skills for working on a committee, and make a commitment to attend monthly meetings and participate in the work of the committee.  Members who are not residents of the City of Portland will be expected to serve as liaisons with their local jurisdiction.

b. Becoming a Member: Invitations to apply for membership will be offered to the community at intervals not to exceed two years. Applications for membership are made through the Mayor’s Office.

A membership subcommittee shall be formed to review applicant’s qualifications and make recommendations for membership.

c. Appointments: Upon recommendation by the committee, members and alternates may be appointed by the Commissioner of Public Works. The Chair may appoint alternate members to full standing when vacancies occur.  Alternate members may also be appointed to serve in place of a member in case of an extended absence.

Section 3. Tenure

a. Length of Service: Members shall serve for a three-year term and may reapply for membership.

  1. Removal of Voting Members: If any member is absent without good cause from three consecutive regular meetings, the Chair may declare this position vacant.


Section 1.

There shall be a Chair and a Vice-Chair for the committee. Each officer shall serve a two-year term or until their successors are elected. The Vice-Chair shall succeed the Chair. Terms shall be based on the fiscal year beginning in July and ending in June.

Section 2.

A nominating subcommittee shall be formed biannually at the March meeting. The subcommittee shall report at the April meeting and elections shall be held at the May meeting to be effective in July. Additional nominations from the floor shall be permitted at the May meeting.

Section 3.

The officers shall be elected by ballot.

Section 4.

No officer may serve more than one consecutive term in the same office.


Section 1. Monthly Meetings

A regular monthly meeting shall be held on the second Tuesday of the month in the Portland Building, unless otherwise agreed upon. Time and duration of the meeting shall be determined by the committee.

Section 2. Conduct of Meetings

a. A majority of members (seven) with full standing shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any regular meeting.

b. The act of a majority of the members present at the meeting at which there is a quorum shall be the act of the committee.

c. Bureau staff shall be responsible for meeting minutes and establishing and distributing the meeting agenda.


The committee may amend the bylaws at the beginning of the fiscal year by a majority of members (seven) present at the meeting, provided that a written notice of the proposed amendment is mailed to members not later than a week before the regularly scheduled meeting.