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P-600 through P-699 Signals and Street Lighting


Number Description



P-601 Single Mast Arm Pole & Weld Details 12-09-15
P-602 Combination Mast Arm Pole Details 12-09-15
P-603 Dual Mast Arm Pole Details 08-17-16
P-604(A) Mast Arm Pole Flange Plate Details 10-10-13
P-604(B) Mast Arm Pole Base Plate Details 10-10-13
P-604(C) Mast Arm Pole Recessed Terminal Cabinet 10-10-13
P-605 Mast Arm Pipe Tenon Attachment and Luminaire Arm Details 07-15-15
P-606 Signal Pole Footing & Anchor Bolts Type 1 10-10-13
P-607 Signal Pole Footing & Anchor Bolts Type 2 & 3 10-10-13
P-608 Signal Pole Footing Frangible Base 06-21-16
P-609 Signal Pole Footings - Spread & Vaulted Basement 03-21-12
P-610 Base-Mounted Signal Post Footing & Type 332 Cabinet   Foundation Details 06-06-16
P-611 South Waterfront Type "A" Signalized Intersection Light Pole Details 03-14-12
P-612 Signal Wiring Color Code 10-10-14
P-620 "APS" Pushbutton Assembly 03-21-12
P-620(B) APS 4-Wire Push Button Schematic 03-21-12
P-621 "H" Pushbutton Assembly For Steel Pole and For Wood Pole 03-14-12
P-622 Pedestrian Signal Mounting on Steel and Wood Poles 03-21-12
P-623 Pedestrian Signal, Sensor, And Pushbutton on Frangibles, Ornamentals, and Pipe Posts 05-10-16
P-624 Controller Cabinet and Communication Interface Details 03-21-12
P-625 Service Installation on Steel and Wood Poles 03-21-12
P-626 Service Cabinets for Steel and Wood Poles and on Pedestals 03-21-12
P-627 Signal Equipment Pole & Mast Arm Mounted Details 05-10-16
P-628 Signal Equipment Span Wire Installation Details 03-15-12
P-629 Overhead Street Name and Aluminum Sign Mounting Details 03-20-15 
P-630 Overhead Cable Pole Connection Details 03-21-12 
P-631 School Zone Flasher Details 05-10-16 
P-632 Pull Box Type A & B Details 03-21-12 
P-633 Communications Box Type C & D Details 03-21-12 
P-634 Detector Loop & Loop Pocket Details 03-21-12 
P-635 Cable Placement and Wood Pole Framing Details (1 of 3) 03-21-12
P-636 Cable Placement and Wood Pole Framing Details (2 of 3) 03-21-12
P-637 Cable Placement and Wood Pole Framing Details (3 of 3) 03-22-12
P-638 Cable Placement and Clearance Details 03-22-12
P-639 Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (AC Powered) Pole Assembly Detail 05-10-16
P-640 Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (Solar Powered) Pole Assembly Detail 03-21-12
P-651 Street Lighting Cobra-Head Pole Details 06-17-15
P-652 Street Lighting Twin Ornamental Pole Details 04-01-15

Street Lighting Single Ornamental Pole


Street Lighting Bottle Neck Type Luminaire Pole

P-655 Street Lighting Photoelectric Control Ornamental Pole Details 04-01-15
P-656 South Auditorium Post Top Style Light Pole Details 09-11-12
P-657 South Auditorium Street Light Pole & Luminare Details 09-11-12
P-658 South Waterfront Type "A" Street Light Pole Details 10-02-12
P-659 South Water Front Type "B" & "C" Street Light Pole Details 07-17-15
P-660 Street Lighting Standard Street Light Standard Pole Footing 03-22-12
P-661 Street Lighting Type "A" Basement Street Light Pole Footing 05-10-12
P-662 Street Lighting Type "B" Basement Pole Footing 05-10-12
P-663 Street Lighting Special Light Pole Footing with Pillar 05-10-12
P-664 Street Lighting Special Light Pole Spread Footing For Ornamental Poles 05-10-12
P-665 Street Lighting South Waterfront Street Light Cast In Place Pole Footing 05-10-12
P-670 Street Lighting Pole-Mounted Panel Details 03-22-12
P-671 Street Lighting Service Cabinet Details 03-22-12
P-680 Street Lighting Pole Wiring Diagrams 03-15-12
P-681 Street Lighting Control Unit Pole Wiring Diagrams 03-06-12
P-682 Street Lighting Control Unit Installation 10-24-12