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Meeting #2 - Draft Adaptive Workgroup Meeting Notes

Adaptive Bicycling Pilot Project

Workgroup Meeting Minutes - DRAFT

Meeting 2

April 4, 2017

Submitted by Steve Hoyt-McBeth, Portland Bureau of Transportation

I.            Attendance


Joanne Johnson, ONI

Jeremy Robbins, Community Member

Joann, Elders in Action

Deidre Hall,

Angel Rogers, Community Member

Jennifer Wilde, Incight NW

Members of the Public

Ryan Ross, Kerr Bikes

Adam Admundsen, Different Spokes

Julie Noelle

City staff supporting project

Nickole Cheron, Office of Equity and Human Rights (Facilitator)

David Galatt

Liz Hormann, PBOT

Steve Hoyt-McBeth, PBOT

II.          Adaptive Bike Forum – Tuesday, April 25th, 4:30 -7pm Portland Building, 1120 SW 5th Avenue

  1. Please help us think about accommodation for participants at the event


III.         Project Design Survey – Worgroup Results and Discussion

  1. Agreed upon elements
    1. Ride length – start at 1-hour (of riding time)
    2. Pricing – Honored Citizen’s Pass qualifies for subsidized pricing
    3. Waiver – required to rent a bicycle
    4. Pass Options – only single-ride and package/ frequent rider option
    5. Pilot Season – June to September/October
    6. Hours of Service – mirror bike shops (riders must be back a certain time before close.
    7. Pilot Locations – near multi-use paths
  2. ITEMS Discussed
    1. Storage of Mobility Device and Personal Items

                                                    i.     Shop Experiences

  1. Different Spokes – can do wheelchair
    1. Hope that adaptive bikes will have room for personal items to be brought along
    2. Kerr Bikes
      1. Does provide storage

                                                  ii.     Not 100% secure, but haven’t had any thefts

                                                iii.     Jeremy – question of security, probably wouldn’t accept it given how important the wheelchair is, and would lock in car. Would need a pretty secure situation

  1. Doesn’t think that should be required

                                                 iv.     Joanne – would probably bring cane with her

                                                   v.     Adam – use the reservation process to help the shops prepare

  1. Adam and Jeremy: space not an issue (KB—OMSI),  Could City allow for storage facility

                                               vii.     Angel – Service Animal: could you purchase a crate

  1. City is willing to pursue this.
  2. Put on reservation form: does you have a service animal?
  3. BUDGET – consider including cost of two animal crates.

                                             viii.     DECISION:  OK requiring mobility device storage as accommodation


  1. Helmets – Should the bike shops be required to provide helmets

                                                    i.     DECISION: YES

  1. Reservation Process (Required)

                                                    i.     Basic Contact Info

                                                  ii.     Ability Assessment (have you used t

                                                iii.     Reservation Details (date and time)

                                                 iv.     General Details and Info

                                                   v.     QUESTION – Assessment

  1. Adam- Assessment is usually needed
    1. Sometimes it can take
    2. Ryan – Own reservation system for large groups. Like for adaptive rentals, like to have
    3. Steve – City of Eugene Adaptive Bicycle rental program requires initial assessment
    4. Joanne – understand the assessment and online intake, but don’t like the idea.

                                                 vi.     DecisionReservation and assessment required for first use, but after that walk-in available.


  1. Fittings and Transfer

                                                    i.     Adam (Different Spokes) and Jen (Incight NW) both attested to the risk in conducting transfers, as both have injured themselves doing them.

                                                  ii.     Decision:  Shops will provide fittings, but not required to provide transfer services.

  1. Emergency Recovery

                                                    i.     Private bike rental shops current practice?

  1. Kerr Bikes provides within a short radius

                                                  ii.     Could be expensive to provide

                                                iii.     BIKETOWN doesn’t currently provide

                                                iv.     DECISION: Shops will not be required to provide, but will integrate communications into reservation intake process.


IV.         Adaptive Bike Slide Show and Description (see attached PPT)

  1. Adam ran the group through slides of various adaptive bikes.
  2. Discussion centered around questions and comments on:
    1. Versatility

                                                              i.     Both in terms of physical abilities and level of experience

  1. Maintenance
  2. Ease of transfer
  3. Types of adaptive bikes shown

                                                              i.     Hand Cycle

                                                            ii.     Delta Trike

                                                          iii.     Tandems