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Spring 2017 Proposed Service Area Expansion and Station Map Update

The public comment period on BIKETOWN Proposed Service Area and Station Changes has closed

Biketown survey

PBOT is seeking comment on proposed modifications to the BIKETOWN’s 100 station locations and service area. Public comment will be accepted through May 23, 2017.


The proposed changes are:

Effective immediately, BIKETOWN is also piloting two Super Hub Zones within the Portland State University campus and the Central Eastside Industrial District. Within these Super Hubs, users can park at any public bike rack without paying the $2 out of station fee. These Super Hubs will be piloted through the end of September.

Service Area Pilot Expansions

The proposed expansion includes one major and three modest expansions. 

N and NE Portland:    

  • N/NE Killingsworth and NE Alberta St (Expansion A)
  • Northern Boundary: NE Jarrett St (west of MLK)
  • Eastern Boundary: NE 33rd Avenue (north of Prescott)  andNE 21st Ave (south of Prescott)
  • Western Boundary: N Gay (north of Going) and Overlook Blvd (south of Going)
  • Swan Island Satellite (Expansion B)-
  • North/South: N Lagoon, N Portland Willamette Greenway
  • East/West: N Going, N Ballast

SE Portland:   

  • SE Belmont and Hawthorne (Expansion A):       
  • Eastern Boundary: SE 43rd and SE 44th Avenues (between SE Alder and Harrison only)
  • Brooklyn and Central Eastside Industrial District (Expansion B):     
  • Southern Boundary: SE Franklin (between SE Franklin and SE 17th Avenue only)


The North and NE Portland expansion would compose the majority of the added service area.  PBOT chose NE Alberta and Killingsworth for this large expansion because of its high concentration of out of service area BIKETOWN trips along NE Alberta St. PBOT also proposes utilizing the bike corrals along the Alberta and Killingsworth commercial corridors as hybrid "community stations" that would continue to serve private bicycles.

By utilizing Portland’s bike parking investments and the flexibility of BIKETOWN’s smart bike technology, Portland can add several new stations and an additional 1.5 square miles of service area at no public cost. BIKETOWN would rebalance bikes along the corridor with the goal of maintaining 2/3 of each bike corral for private bike parking. PBOT staff observations indicate excess capacity at the corridor's corrals. Staff will continue to observe and study.

Heat Map of trips to NE Alberta St.

Out of Service Area Trips along NE Alberta Street - July – October 2016

The North Portland expansion is modest in size but utilizes five N Killingsworth bike corrals to make BIKETOWN a more viable trip option for residents, employees and visitors to the Overlook neighborhood.  This would also compensate in for the proposed removal of the N Interstate at N Willamette station, which has the lowest ridership of all 100 stations. PBOT is also testing a satellite expansion in the SE corner of Swan Island in partnership with Daimler Trucks North America. Users will be able to park at the bike racks at the N Channel Ave at Anchor TriMet stop and on the DTNA campus bike racks at no additional cost. PBOT hopes this satellite helps increase ridership at the N Interstate at Prescott BIKETOWN station.



The two small SE Portland expansions proposed are:

SE Expansion Part A: In order to provide service to the Belmont commercial node at SE 43rd Avenue and a newly proposed BIKETOWN station at SE Hawthorne at 40th, PBOT proposes extending the eastern border between SE Alder and SE Harrison to SE 43rd and 44th Avenue. PBOT is also exploring a new station between SE 42nd and 43rd and Belmont.


SE Expansion Part B:  Thee southern boundary would be extended to SE Franklin St. between SE McLoughlin Blvd (west) and SE 13th Place/SE 17th Avenue to the east. This extension would encompass the entire Central Eastside Industrial District along with a section of the Brooklyn neighborhood’s SE Milwaukie Avenue commercial corridor.


New Station Locations

PBOT proposes (up to) nine new station locations. They include four new stations near affordable housing or social services: 

  • N Russell at Williams (social services)
  • NW Pettygrove at 14th (affordable housing)
  • NE Couch at 3rd (affordable housing)
  • NE Schuyler at 2ndAvenue
  • SE Main at 8th
  • SE 43rd at Belmont Avenue commercial node
  • SE 40th at Hawthorne
  • SW Naito at Morrison
  • SW Moody/Bond and SW Lowell/Bancroft (affordable housing)

Station Relocations

PBOT and Motivate analyzed all 100 stations based on ridership, equity, cellular connectivity, staff safety and accessibility, solar access, constituent feedback and lost meter revenue. From this analysis, PBOT is proposing the relocation of seven stations:

  • N Interstate at Willamette
  • NW 23rd at Savier
  • SW 11th at Main
  • SE Hawthorne at 37th Avenue
  • SE Taylor at Cesar Chavez
  • SE 29th Avenue at Stark
  • SE Ankeny at 28th Avenue
    • This station was temporarily removed due to construction, this would make it permanent
    • BIKETOWN has activated two bike corrals, SE 28th and Couch and SE 28th at Pine in the interim

Equity Impacts: SW 11th at Main is the only equity station we are slating for removal (due to its proximity to two other stations and very low ridership).  There are several new station locations proposed that are near affordable housing and/or social services.

Station Adjustments

These are smaller changes that would result in existing stations moving no more than 1-2 blocks and/or a station size being reduced. Two station modifications that took place in winter 2017 are also listed. (Proposed changes are shown in parenthesis).

  • N Morris at Williams (Reduce station size and/or move to south side of N Morris)
  • NE 15th at Broadway (Reduce station size and/or move to north side of NE Broadway west of 15th)
  • NW 8th at Everett (Move station one block east to NW Broadway at Everett)
  • SE 14th at Stark (Move station to SW side of SE 14th at Stark)
  • SW River at Montgomery (Move station to SW corner of intersection)
  • Already modified or in process due to operational issues:
    • Skidmore at Williams
      • This station was moved to N Skidmore at Mason
  • SE 29th at Hawthorne
    • This station was moved to SE Hawthorne at 29th
  • SW 18th at Morrison (Move station to TriMet plaza on SW corner of intersection)

Immediate Service Change: Super Hub Districts Super Hub Districts

BIKETOWN is adding two pilot zones where users can park at any public bike rack at no additional charge: The Central Eastside Industrial District and PSU. The CEID Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee partnered with BIKETOWN on this Super Hub. The TPAC manages parking demand and works to increase walking, transit and bike use in the district. The PSU experiment is to attract more students, faculty and staff to use BIKETOWN. Both of these pilots continue through September.

Public Process

PBOT is in the process of meeting with neighborhood associations and contacting property owners about potential changes. Our process would include: 

  • Station Map on website with proposed changes
  • Online survey for comment on proposed station changes
  • Letters to property owners near new station locations
  • Door knocking/visits to all commercial businesses where stations are being moved or added
  • Email to all BIKETOWN members
  • Contacting Neighborhood Association land use and transportation committees for all affected area

 Questions or Comments:

Steve Hoyt-McBeth, Project Manager, (503) 823-7191,