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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

Fax: 503-823-7576

1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 800, Portland, OR 97204

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About PBOT

PBOT’s 800+ employees are organized into the Office of the Director and six functional workgroups: 

Office of the Director

The Office of the Director is responsible for guiding PBOT’s overall vision and strategic direction. Within the Office of the Director are four units that fulfill bureau-wide functions.


Communications: Plans, designs, and implements PBOT’s communication strategies to effectively and consistently communicate internally throughout the bureau as well as externally to the public.

Asset Management

Asset Management: Strategically allocates financial resources to strategically maintain, rehabilitate, and replace physical assets managed by PBOT. This includes all of the assets illustrated here.


Legislative & Resource Development: Coordinates PBOT responses and positions on legislative matters and leads efforts to generate new resources, such as opportunities to leverage funding and optimize infrastructure work across city bureaus.


Equity & Inclusion: Develops, implements, supports and manages PBOT’s equity and inclusion initiatives and policies, including a Bureau wide racial equity assessment and 5-year racial equity action plan, Title VI language translation and interpretation needs, usage of equity tools and best practices, and supporting the Bureau’s overall advancement of inclusion and cultural responsiveness.



Business Services: Manages all business operations for PBOT including business technology, budget and finance, administrative services, and employee services. 


Development, Permitting and Transit: Manages and regulates development review, use of the right-of-way (including leases and acquisitions), and the Portland Streetcar and the Portland Aerial Tram operation and maintenance.


Engineering Services: Provides expertise in civil design, structures, and traffic control to preserve and rehabilitate structures, manage street preservation, and provide technical support for major projects. 


Maintenance Operations: Applies the best practices of asset management to clean, maintain, and repair PBOT’s investments in transportation, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure. Also designated as the first responder in emergency situations, such as spills from motor vehicle accidents, flooding, snow, ice, landslides, and earthquakes.


Parking Services: Manages the regulatory operations and enforcement of both on-and off-street parking throughout the city. Parking Services also regulates Portland’s private-for-hire operators.


Policy, Planning, & Projects: Manages planning and project development from the origination of the idea up to construction, ensuring policy compliance throughout the process.


PBOT’s success in helping Portlanders get to the places they need to go depends on balancing the on-going daily work of maintaining and operating Portland’s transportation system with the planning efforts that ensure Portland can meet its future mobility, sustainability and equity needs. 

Learn more about the Elements within PBOT's Maintenance Responsibility here:


Work Balance


The mix of day-to-day and long-term work varies across each PBOT group. The groups also vary greatly in size. For example, the 350 Maintenance Operations staff focuses much of its work on daily maintenance work in the right-of-way, while the 60-person Policy, Planning, & Projects Group has a very strong focus on longer-term projects and planning. 

PBOT Staff

Note: Number of staff for each workgroup is employee a snapshot as of 11/30/16 and does not include vacancies.