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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

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1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1331, Portland, OR 97204

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Zone M Pilot Program

Permit Changes


Permit surcharge

Business Permits

Residential Permits

  • The number of resident permits allowed per address will be reduced proportionately by the number of off-street parking spaces available to that address.
  • Residential permit applicants will complete an off-street declaration form with their application.
  • Households in buildings with certificates of occupancy (CO) prior to August 7, 2013, would be eligible to receive a minimum of one permit per household.
  • Permits may be issued to an address instead of a vehicle, allowing flexibility for sharing the permit between residents.
  • Residents of buildings with paid off-street parking who meet the 80% Area Median Income (AMI) are eligible to buy one parking permit at the low-income rate.

Residents that currently have more than one permit are eligible to renew their permits at a tiered price (permit prices below). The off-street declaration form will work in conjunction with this rule.Therefore, a current resident may be eligible for less permits if off-street parking is available to them.

      • 1st permit: $195
  •  2nd permit: $390
  •  3rd permit and thereafter: $585

Residents that apply September 1, 2018 and after (who reside in buildings that received a certificate of occupancy prior to August 7, 2013)

  • Limit of one permit per licensed driver, maximum of three permits per address.
  • Permits will cost $195 per permit.
  • There will be a low-income provisions available; if the resident meets 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) identified by the Portland Housing Bureau then they are eligible for a base rate Zone M permit ($75).

Newer Residential Buildings in Zone M

Residential buildings that obtained their certificate of occupancy after August 7, 2013 will be limited to:

  • .6 permits per number of units in the building

Residential buildings that obtained their certificate of occupancy September 1, 2017 or after will be limited to:

  • .4 permits per number of units in the building

The off-street parking declaration form and rules apply to residents in buildings that obtained their certificate of occupancy after August 7, 2013

Residential Opt Out Incentive – Funded by Permit Surcharge

If a resident chooses to not renew their parking permit, they can opt to receive a Transportation Wallet which includes:

  • $150 TriMet Hop Card
  • Annual BIKETOWN Membership
  • Annual Portland Streetcar Pass
  • $25 Car2go credit

Business Opt-out Incentive

If a business chooses to not purchase parking permits, they are eligible to receive free or discounted Transportation Wallets for their employees. There is no limit to the number of eligible permit opt-outs.


Employers can receive a FREE Transportation Wallet for each parking permit not renewed based on a reduction of permits that were issued in 2018.

Each additional eligible permit exchanged for a Transportation Wallet is available for $25 each.





Since October 2014 the NW Parking Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) has met monthly and has worked with City staff on the implementation of the adopted parking management plan. Permit parking was instituted in 2015 and meters were installed in 2016. Ongoing discussions have been held about adjustments to the permit system. The goal of the permit program is to manage the on-street parking system by identifying the permit eligible stalls, issuing annual parking permits and balancing the system to support area land use. The best practice is 85% occupancy and the current occupancy in NW is well over 90% at peak hours. The total number of parking stalls in the NW parking district is 5,264 (metered and permit stalls). Regulations allowing shared parking have been adopted and SAC is working to encourage sharing.

In October 2016 on-street parking utilization data was collected. Based on the analysis, recommendations to changes of the on-street system and permit program are being developed. Recommendations include an expansion of the metered area as well as a reduction in permits issued to both residents and employees. In December 2016 Council passed ordinance 188173 that allowed NW to develop a pilot program to implement additional tools to manage on-street parking. The additional tools include:  permit surcharge fee, capping the total number of permits issued, limiting annual issuance of employee and residential permits and annual TDM surveys. The surcharges will go back in the Northwest District for TDM measures.