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SW Vermont from 45th to 52nd: Alternative 3

Alternative 3 – Multiuse Path & Sidewalk/Bike Lane Extension Hybrid: Although Alternative 2 is better than Alternative 1 from a separation aspect, it still has several drawbacks. Fortunately, at slightly more cost, a hybrid of the first two concepts with the advantages of both appears feasible. In this option, the sidewalk corridor is widened in the segment between 50th and 52nd Avenues to function as a multiuse path similar to Alternative 1 while the cross-section from Alternative 2 remains in the segment east of SW 50th Ave where bikes and pedestrians may utilize the existing frontage road to avoid using SW Vermont St. Accommodating two-way bicycle traffic along the multiuse path segment frees up the space for a four-foot shoulder along the north side of SW Vermont St where the frontage road is not available.

Advantages: Provides 8-80 connection between neighborhood greenway streets, Consolidates neighborhood greenway crossings to one intersection, Better facilitates crossing movements between SW Vermont St and the neighborhood greenway streets, Provides adequate shoulder width for pedestrian activity along the north side of the roadway, Northside shoulder adds flexibility to address embankment and minimize potential need for retaining walls

Disadvantages: Most expensive option, Shared use between cyclists and pedestrians for two blocks

SW Vermont Alternative 3

SW Vermont Alternative 3 map

Recommendation: Alternative 3 best fits the desires of the neighborhood given the financial and environmental constraints surrounding this project. The slight disadvantage of the shared use facility between 50th & 52nd is tempered by the short distance of the shared environment, the flat grades of the segment, and the relatively low volumes of cyclists and pedestrians in this area. The design team recommends pursuing Alternative 3.