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Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

Fax: 503-823-7576

1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 800, Portland, OR 97204

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Std Drg P-500 through P-599 Resurfacing, Driveways, Curbs, Sidewalks and Street Trees

Pavement Resurfacing, Driveways, Curbs, Sidewalks, Bike Racks, Bollards, Street Trees


Description -  Standard Drawing Report - Calculations

P-505 AC Pavement Trench Resurfacing on Local Streets pdf pdf
P-506 Asphalt Concrete Pavement Repair Adjacent to Curb  pdf pdf
P-507 Manhole Frame Adjustment pdf -
P-509 Borehole/Subsurface Investigation Pavement Restoration pdf pdf
P-510  Belgian Block Pavement pdf pdf
P-514 PCC Pavement Trench Resurfacing on Busy Streets pdf  pdf
P-515 PCC Pavement Trench Resurfacing Typical Sections pdf  pdf
P-516 Trench Resurfacing Asphalt over Concrete Streets pdf  pdf
P-518 AC Pavement Trench Resurfacing on Busy Streets pdf pdf
P-523  PCC Pavement Trench Resurfacing on Local Streets  pdf  pdf
P-525  Alley Driveway  pdf  pdf
P-526  Residential Driveway (Historic) pdf  pdf
P-528  Typical Separated Sidewalk Driveway  pdf  pdf
P-529  Alternate Depressed Separated Sidewalk Driveway pdf  pdf
P-531  Curb Tight Sidewalk Fully Lowered Driveway pdf  pdf
P-532  Curb Tight Sidewalk Partially Lowered Driveway pdf  pdf
P-536  Driveway Connection Detail pdf  pdf
P-540  Curbs  pdf 
P-544  Miscellaneous Curb Details  pdf 
P-546  Keyed Combination Curb and Sidewalk  pdf 
P-547  Midblock Sidewalk Ramp  pdf 
P-548  Sidewalk Ramp with Planter Strip Placement Options  pdf 
P-551  Sidewalks  pdf  pdf
P-572  Sidewalk - Concrete Pavers  pdf 
P-576  Bike Rack  pdf  pdf
P-579  Precast Concrete Bollard  pdf 
P-581 Typical Street Tree Installation pdf