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Online Open House

The Online Open House is now closed; we will be sharing a summary of the feedback, so please check back. 

If you have any questions about the Bicycle Parking Code Update Project, please contact Liz Hormann,, 503-823-5086

Introduction:Bike locked on rack

The City of Portland has a vision to create a vibrant city, where 25 percent of all trips are made using a bicycle. While a connected and safe network of bicycle infrastructure is a major factor in reaching this goal; end-of-use facilities, including a place to safely and securely park a bicycle is a necessary component to increase the number of people biking. Someone won't ride to work if they don't have a safe place to lock their bike for the duration of their shift. Similarly, shorter-term bicycle parking for people going out to eat or running errands, ensures a place, close to the entrance for visitors to park their bicycle. 

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has been working with a stakeholder advisory committee on an update to the Bicycle Parking Code requirements, in Title 33. The code language regulates the required amount, location, and design of visitor (short-term) and resident/ commuter (long-term) bicycle parking spaces for new and redeveloped buildings in Portland. The current requirements were largely written and adopted 20 years ago. During that same time period, the bicycle commute mode split in Portland has quadrupled - from 1.2 percent to just over 7 percent. 

The stakeholder advisory committee is comprised of representatives from the development community, bicycle advocates, Portland neighborhoods, Transportation Management Associations, and partner City Bureaus (Bureau of Development Services and Bureau of Planning and Sustainability). The committee's role is advisory, to provide direction and recommendations to the PBOT Director, and subsequently, to other City Bureaus that will write the actual code language during the next phase of the project. 

The stakeholder advisory committee has been meeting since February 2016, and is getting close to finalizing their set of recommendations for the code update. The recommendations are based on best practices from other cities, current practice from developers in Portland, and with an eye to the City's active transportation goals listed in policy and planning documents, including the Comprehensive Plan 2035 and the Climate Action Plan. 

Please review the Policy and Background information for the Bicycle Parking Code Update Project. 

What is this Open House?

PBOT has put together this Online Open House to share the stakeholder advisory committee's work, and to hear from you, about the specific bicycle parking code update recommendations. Since there this a lot of information and detail to share for the recommendations, we have broken the Online Open House into seven sections.

While we would love to hear your thoughts on all seven sections, we realize that you might want to select the topics that are most relevant to you. Please feel free to select a few sections and provide your feedback. 

This Online Open House is an important step in the code update process, but it is by no means the final step. The information collected will be incorporated into the final Stakeholder Advisory Committee Recommendation Report that is to be presented to the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) on November 14, 2017. The final Recommendation Report, along with the comments from the PSC, will factor into the formal code writing and code legislative process. 

Online Open House - Sections 

You may begin the Online Open House by selecting a section for your review, but please first take time to review the Policy and Background information. The Open House will be available through Monday, September 25th. 

Section 1: Long-term Bicycle Parking Location

Section 2: Long-term Bicycle Parking Rack Usability

Section 3: Long-term Bicycle Parking at Apartment (other multi-family buildings)

Section 4: Long-term Bicycle Parking Security and Safety Standards

Section 5: Updating Rack Design Standards

Section 6: Updating Required Minimum Amounts

Section 7: Short-term Bicycle Parking Standards

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 If you have any questions regarding the Bicycle Parking Code Update Open House, please contact Liz Hormann,, 503-823-5086