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Roads where salt was applied during Winter Storm (February 18-22, 2018)

The week of Feb. 18-22, 2018, PBOT used a road salt product called Ice Kicker. Unlike table salt, Ice Kicker has anti-corrosive properties that reduce the risk of causing rust on vehicles and infrastructure. The manufacturer adds blue dye, which makes it visible to the public and city crews. PBOT uses only about 200 pounds per lane mile, a low rate of application that further reduces the chances of harm to vegetation and property. PBOT spread about 140 tons of road saltearlier this week. The salt appears to have helped keep many key routes open, including Germantown Road, a notorious trouble spot that has been safe for travel all week.

These are the roads where salt was applied:

  • West Burnside St - NW 23rd Ave to NW Skyline Blvd
  • SW Sam Jackson Park Rd –SW Terwilliger Blvd to SW 9th Ave
  • SW Terwilliger Blvd – SW Sam Jackson Parkway to SW Capitol Hwy
  • SW Broadway Dr - SW Patton Rd to SW Broadway (405)
  • SW Vista Ave – SW Broadway Dr to W Burnside St
  • SW Fairmount Blvd Loop - @ SW Talbot Rd to SW Talbot Rd
  • SW Taylors Ferry Rd – SW Spring Garden St to SW Macadam Ave
  • SW / NW Skyline Blvd – NW Germantown Rd to SW Westgate Dr
  • NW Germantown Rd – SW Skyline Blvd to NW St Helens Hwy
  • NW Cornell Rd -  NW 25th Ave and to NW Skyline Blvd
  • NW Westover Rd -NW Cornell to NW Tichner Dr
  • N Going St – N Lagoon Ave / N Dolphin St / N Channel Ave loop
  • SE 112th Ave – SE Mt Scott Blvd to SE Cooper St
  • SE Mt Scott Blvd – SE 98th Ave to E 112th Ave
  • SE Flavel St – SE 112th to Deardorff Rd
  • SE Clatsop St – SE Deardorff Rd to SE 162nd  Ave
  • SE Deardorff Rd – SE Flavel St to SE Clatsop St
  • SW Gibbs St/SW Marquam Hill – SW 9th to SW Fairmont Blvd
  • SW Humphrey - SW Patton Rd to SW Scholls Ferry Rd
  • SW Ravensview Dr - SW Broadway to SW Terrace Dr.
  • SW Terrace Dr. - SW Ravensview Dr. to SW Elizabeth St.
  • SW Elizabeth St - SW Terrace Dr to SW 18th Ave
  • SW 18th Ave. - SW Terrace Dr to SW Spring St
  • SW Spring St - SW 18th Ave to SW Vista Dr
  • SW Barnes Rd - W Burnside St. to SW Skyline Blvd
  • SW Council Crest Drive
  • SW between SW Macadam Ave and SW Moody: Curry, Gaines, Abernethy, Thomas, Lowell and Bancroft streets
  • NE Going Ct - NE Greeley Ave to N Going St
  • NE Fremont Ave - NE 35th PL to NE 27th Ave
  • NE 33rd Ave - NE Bryce St to NE Stanton St
  • SE Barbara Welch Rd - SE Foster Rd to SE Clatsop St
  • SE Belmont Ave - SE 49th Ave to SE 69th Ave
  • SE Stark St - SE 60th Ave to SE 49th Ave
  • SE 60th Ave - SE Stark St to E Burnside St
  • SE 69th Ave- SE Stark St to SE Yamhill St
  • SE Yamhill St - SE 69th Ave to SE 76th
  • E Burnside St  - SE 74th Ave to SE 60th Ave