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PedPDX | Safety Prioritization Criteria

How would PedPDX prioritize safety?

The proposed safety criteria for PedPDX originated from the results of the Pedestrian Safety Existing Conditions Memo. The safety criteria are intended to account for both crash history and crash risk factors. Using both factors is a way to include not only locations that are currently dangerous and are used by people walking (crash history), but also locations that are dangerous but may not be used by people walking because of the risk of being struck by a vehicle (risk factors).

The proposed safety prioritization criteria is aligned to the City of Portland’s commitment to Vision Zero, a goal to eliminate all fatal and serious transportation related injuries.

The envisioned prioritization approach uses the following considerations to measure crash history and risk factors:

Crash History

(Map showing the Pedestrian High Crash Network)

(Link to Vision Zero Interactive Crash Map)

  • Street segments with KSI (killed or seriously injured) pedestrian collisions.  This criterion identifies the most dangerous street segments for people walking at a finer scale. Visit the Vision Zero interactive crash map by clicking the image above to see the locations of people killed or seriously injured while walking.

Risk Factors

(Image showing a four lane street)

  • Streets with three or more travel lanes. More points would be awarded for one-way streets and for streets with four or more travel lanes.

(Graphic showing the relationship between vehicle speed and crash severity)

This rating system would not be applied to off-street trails where people walking are separated from vehicles. Instead a standardized score is recommended to account for the safety benefits of off-street segments.

See how each street in the network was scored with the proposed Safety criteria by following this link

Prioritization scores based on safety range from 1 to 10 as detailed below: