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PedPDX | Pedestrian Demand Prioritization Criteria

How would PedPDX prioritize areas with high walking demand?

PedPDX uses the phrase “Pedestrian Demand” to refer to how intensely the street will be used by people walking. Pedestrian demand is tied directly to the Pedestrian Priority Network and considers land use, transit, and results from the Walking Priorities Survey. There are four proposed street classifications and two district overlay classifications:

1. Street Classifications

(Graphic displaying relationship between Ped Demand and Classification)

The proposed street classifications from highest demand to lowest demand are:

Major City Walkways

  • “Corridors” and “Main Streets,” as defined by Portland’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan, where pedestrian destinations such as housing, goods, and community services exist or are expected in the future
  • Frequent transit streets
  • Core downtown streets
  • High-demand regional trails

City Walkways

  • Non-frequent transit streets
  • All other arterials and collectors
  • Moderate-demand trails

Neighborhood Walkways

  • Designated Safe Routes to School (local streets)
  • Neighborhood Greenways (existing and funded)
  • Neighborhood trails

 2. District Overlay Classifications 

(2035 Comprehensive Plan Map)

In addition to the street classifications, there are two types of overlays that indicate additional demand:

Pedestrian Districts 

 Transit Station Areas

 Prioritization scores based on demand would be determined by the type of street classification and whether those segments fall within a designated district overlay area. See how each street in the network was scored with the Demand criteria by following this link.

Demand scores for the Pedestrian Priority Network would range from 1 to 10 as detailed below:

(Table displaying how demand score is calculated)