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Leaf Day Basics and FAQ



Leaf Day service covers 52 districts with the highest concentration of mature street trees and leaves, about one third of the city.

Find out if you are in a leaf district and plan for your Leaf Day pickup by using our address locator or contact information here:

LEAF DISTRICT LOCATOR (enter your street address)


503-865-5323 (503-865-LEAF)   |

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If you are NOT in one of our Leaf Day districts, DO NOT rake your leaves into the street. By City Code, it is unlawful to obstruct a roadway, curb, or sidewalk. PBOT will still sweep and clean all residential streets once per year and all major arterial streets three to four times per year.



Where do I rake the leaves?

Rake any and all leaves you want picked up into the street one day before your scheduled Leaf Day pickup.

Only tree leaves. Use your regular yard bins for twigs, branches, needles, grass clippings, and other debris.

Allow 1 foot of space between your pile and the curb for storm runoff and to make it easier for our sweepers. Also allow plenty of clearance between your pile and any vehicle left parked on the street.

What do I have to move out of the way? Do I have to move my car?

Moving your vehicle is NOT OPTIONAL in the following Leaf Day districts:

  • Northwest: Districts NW 2, NW 3, NW 4, NW 6, NW 7, NW 8 and NW 9
  • Southwest: Districts SW 1 and SW 2
  • Sullivan's Gulch in Northeast: District NE 14

You are subject to a citation and tow on Leaf Day in these districts. To locate towed vehicles, call Police Auto Records at (503) 823-0044.

In all other districts, move your vehicle off the street whenever possible to make room for sweepers. Leaf Day service districts are small enough that you should never have to travel more than a quarter mile to park a vehicle outside the boundaries of a Leaf Day district.

Remove obstacles like basketball hoops and garbage bins from the street.

Cut limbs on your trees up to 11-feet high. Low-hanging limbs keep our machines from hugging the curb and picking up all leaves. Follow our Urban Forester's advice and "Call Before You Cut" by contacting them at (503) 823-8733 (TREE) or learning about tree pruning permits here.

Use our flyer to remind other vehicles when Leaf Day is coming.

When in the season do you pick up the leaves?

Early November to mid-December. Know your leaf district and read your Leaf Day brochure carefully. See our Leaf Day Districts and Schedule if you missed this information in the mail.

How long will it take?

Our Leaf Day crews clean the streets from 6 a.m. until we finish the route. After compiling leaves for hauling, PBOT crews will come through a second time to sweep excess debris and flush the road with water.

Please allow our crews the time and space they need to do their work.

In some districts, there are multiple pickup days. See our Leaf Day Map and Schedule if you missed your brochure in the mail.

How does PBOT decide which neighborhoods get Leaf Day service?

Leaf Day service covers 52 districts with the highest concentration of mature street trees and leaves, about a third of the city. The amount of leaves in these districts is simply too much for our regular street cleaning equipment. PBOT still cleans and sweeps all other local residential streets once per year and all major arterial streets three to four times per year.

Can I just do it myself?

Now that Leaf Day service is free, there is no opting in or out of service. If you still want to help us out, we won’t stop you. Our standard is for the road to be clear of leaves from the center of the road to the curb at your property. Dispose of leaves in your regular yard bin.

Are there any leaf depots this year?

No. PBOT discontinued leaf depots when the city switched to weekly yard debris pickup.

For information on self-haul centers for disposal of leaves and other yard debris contact Metro Recycling at (503) 234-3000 or go to for more information.

What does PBOT do with the leaves?

PBOT crews haul leaves to our Sunderland Yard for composting. For information on how to buy this compost, go here.