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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

Fax: 503-823-7576

1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1331, Portland, OR 97204

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Oversight Committee Member Job Description

Fixing Our Streets Oversight Committee Member Job Description

About PBOT

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is a community partner in shaping a livable city. We plan, build, manage and maintain an effective and safe transportation system that provides people and businesses access and mobility. We keep Portland moving.

About the Bureau and Budget Advisory Committee

The Fixing Our Streets Oversight Committee plays an important role in ensuring the accountability of the transportation safety and maintenance program voters created when in May 2016 they passed Measure 26 – 173, the four-year, ten-cent Portland gas tax. The program will help PBOT expand preventive street maintenance that saves money and prevents potholes. It will also allow more safe access, sidewalks, traffic signals, street lights and bike lanes.

Purpose and Role of the Bureau and Budget Advisory Committee

The Committee’s role is to:

  • Monitor revenues, expenditures and program/implementation for the Fixing Our Streets program.
  • Provide guidance to City Council on the effective use of new resources.
  • Review program priorities, spending and any necessary revisions to project list/financial plans, including the annual program audit. May make recommendation to City council for project list revisions.
  • Monitor construction impacts to businesses, neighborhoods and residents.
  • Monitor utilization of minority-owned, women-owned and emerging small businesses to support community benefit.
  • Provide an annual report to City Council containing the above information.  

Membership Requirement:

The requirements for Fixing Our Streets Oversight Committee membership are:

  • You live, play, worship or do business in Portland
  • You have an interest in the programs, policies and projects of the Portland Bureau of Transportation
  • You are available to attend all meetings and participate in deliberations and required trainings
  • You are a true believer in public participation in government process
  • You are an advocate for racial equity and inclusion
  • You are passionate about Portland’s transportation system

Membership and Term

Members of the Fixing Our Streets Oversight Committee will be expected to fulfill the following time commitments:

  • Meetings: The body meets at least quarterly each calendar year (usually on the second Thursday of the month) and as otherwise necessary to conduct its business. Committee members are required to attend meetings.
  • Term: Committee members will serve a 4-year term with the opportunity to renew future terms.
  • Other: Committee members will be expected to be responsive to staff requests and review materials in advance of meetings. Committee members may also be invited to participate in other PBOT meetings and public events (optional).

Public Official Conduct of Interest Notice

Those selected to serve on this body will be legally considered public officials for the duration of their service. As such, they will be required to publicly disclose potential conflicts of interest. If potential conflicts of interest are not disclosed, individual members are subject to education or monetary sanctions from the Oregon Government Ethics Commission. Having potential conflicts of interest does not preclude you from serving on this body or impact your ability to participate fully on this body. Stakeholders often have potential conflicts of interest just out of the nature of being a stakeholder and having interest in the work PBOT is doing. The Conflict of Interest Disclosure is included in the application packet. Please fill and submit the form along with your application.

Selection Overview

We will be introducing a new process for selecting committee members following the passage of the Advisory Bodies and Commissions Policy (Resolution 37328). The Fixing Our Streets Advisory Committee membership is intended to represent a cross-section of diverse expertise, skill sets, background and viewpoints.

Application Process

Please complete the application form below to express your interest in the Fixing Our Streets Advisory Committee. Please note that information provided is public information, except for the voluntary and confidential section entitled “Confidential Demographic information.”

FOS 2019-20 Application

The following information is required to be considered for the Fixing Our Streets Advisory Committee.

Applications must be submitted by Monday, July 1, 2019 for consideration through one of the following options:

Applications are due on Monday, July 1, 2019. To talk with someone about these opportunities or receive assistance completing the application, please contact the Portland Bureau of Transportation at or 503-823-5185.