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Want to know more about the proposed Markham Trail?


Due to the number of emails and information we received about this site, we are taking a more lengthy look at the trail before making our decision. If you would like to talk with us or provide us with additional feedback, please feel free to reach out to the Portland Pathways team at  (March 22, 2019). 

The Markham Neighborhood Association has submitted the 30th Ave Markham trail for review. The trail goes in a North/South direction along walkable terrain. Much of the trail (south of Huber) is used as an informal trail. No section of this trail is permitted yet. The proposal is to develop and permit this trail.

The trail may be able to provide better walking connectivity between neighbors in Markham and Arnold Creek Neighborhoods as well as improve access to Maricara Park.  The trail applicants believe this trail will also create a safer route for kids walking to Jackson Middle School and provide a safer alternative to walking along SW Huber Street between 30th and 35th Ave. There may also be benefits for users of Trimet Bus Line 43 that runs by SW Huber and 35th.  However, there have also been neighbor concerns about the need for a crosswalk or additional pedestrian support on 30th. 


 Map of the Proposed Markham Trail:


What is the neighborhood notification letter? 

The neighborhood notification is sent after the proposed trail application has undergone internal Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and partnering bureau review. Once this initial stage is clear of potential environmental or permitting conflicts, the application enters into the second phase - community notification and engagement. Property owners and residents within 400 feet of the proposed trail are notified of the proposed trail via a mailed out comment card. Neighbors can then voice their support or concerns about the trail by sending the comment card back. If less than 40% of neighbors send written opposition of the trail, the application will move forward. If more than 40% of the neighbors send in written opposition of the trail, the the trail does not move forward. Your vote is private and will not be made public. 

The neighborhood notification letter for the Markham Trail has been sent to all residents within 400 ft of the proposed trail. We will tally the results of the responses after March 5, 2019. We plan to share the decision on March 22, 2019. 

If the trail is permitted, what happens next? 

If this trail is permitted, the trail applicants will work with PBOT staff to design the trail to make sure it meets the standards outlined here. The role for the property owners that reside adjacent to these trails will not change. They will not be liable for personal injury or damages that occur on the trail under House Bill 2865 (ORS 105.668). This bill provides “immunity for certain landowners” from fault for “personal injury or property damage resulting from specified uses of certain publicly accessible trails or structures”. In addition, the applicants of the permitted Portland Pathways process agree to ongoing maintenance of the trail, and therefore maintenance requirements of adjacent property owners will not change. 

 Application Status:


For more information on the proposed trails, email or call 503-823-4414.