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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

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Upcoming Diversity Equity and Inclusion Trainings

Upcoming Portland-Area Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Trainings + Events

PBOT’s Equity + Inclusion Program has been ramping up several 2019-2020 activities and initiatives to advance our equity work and in support of the new Transportation Justice focus within the new 3-year Strategic Plan. Please be on the lookout for updates in the near future! 

In the meantime, we will continue to share information about upcoming equity training, professional development and networking events. Please consider these upcoming Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) trainings organized by professional groups, seasoned facilitators and equity practitioners in the Portland area. PBOT Equity + Inclusion Program can cover the cost of registration + staff time. For more information and instruction, please email

SPEAKER SERIES: Disability & Ableism

Date: December 9 (5:30 to 8:30 pm)

Description: Through interactive activity, discussion, and lecture, workshop facilitators will provide participants with a primer on disability and ableism through the lens of intersectionality. Participants will leave this workshop with a more nuanced understanding of ableism and linguistic ableism, as well as an introduction to disability justice and its tenets. Facilitators will offer a brave space for participants to discuss disability-related microaggressions, offering facilitator reflections on their own experiences either experiencing or perpetuating ableism. This program will cover special topics related to disability justice (e.g. the intersection of racial justice and disability justice, the experiences of womxn with disabilities). Facilitators will also provide participants with a program website, which will include educational resources surrounding disability and ableism and a list of local Portland-metro resources for people with disabilities and human service providers working with people with disabilities (e.g. counseling/psychotherapy and advocacy services).

Venue: Multicultural Service Center, 4610 SE Belmont Street Portland, OR 97215

Host Organization: YWCA Of Greater Portland

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Summit: AARP OR, Age-Friendly Oregon Summit

Date: December 9 (9:30 to 6:00 pm)

Description: It is time to challenge our outdated beliefs and spark new solutions so more people can choose how they live as they age. The best way to predict the future is to create it! Join Age-Friendly Oregon Champions from around the state as well as national and international leaders to help make Oregon communities great places to live, work and play for people of all ages and abilities. Explore and discover innovations and promising practices in housing, transportation, health, intergenerational connections and other critical age-friendly domains. Connect with other thought leaders who are driving community change!

Venue: Asian Health & Service Center, 9035 SE Foster Road, Portland, OR 97266

Host Organization: AARP Oregon

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WORKSHOP: Equitable Leadership: Racism, Accountability & the Responsibility Process

Date: December 10 (9:00 to 2:00 pm)

Description: How does racism, sexism and ableism impact your ability to hold yourself and others accountable? Where do your biases lie? What biases are held against you? Do you hold some people to a higher standard than others? Do you take responsibility when you need to? Are you afraid of conflict and if so, how does that affect your ability to lead? Join Racial Equity Master Facilitator Kheoshi Owens and Facilitator Emma Cisneros as they utilize the experiential learning cycle to build connection and community, explore how to interrupt unacceptable behaviors, reflect in how to create strategic, measurable and obtainable equity outcomes, and delve into the power and freedom of taking responsibility.

Venue: 221 NW 2nd Avenue #300 Portland, OR 97209

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WORKSHOP: Hate, Housing and the Landscape of our City

Date: January 6, 2020 (6:00 to 8:00 pm)

Description: The Portland United Against Hate Coalition, in collaboration with Boise Neighborhood Association are offering a free training on Hate, Housing and the Landscape of our City. Participants will understand and acknowledge our shared history; embrace common values as neighbors and gain knowledge about our rights and responsibilities in Housing. From racial exclusion laws in Oregon's constitution and racially exclusionary housing practices such as redlining and restrictive deed covenants, to continuing involuntary economic displacement from neighborhoods, we must lead and acknowledge the history of racial discrimination, segregation and displacement to understand the different experiences of and disparate outcomes for most of our vulnerable community members.

Venue: Q Center, 4115 North Mississippi Avenue Portland, OR 97217

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WORKSHOP: Developing Inclusive Practices 

Date: January 8, 2020 (1:00 to 4:00 pm)

Description: Each section will go down to specific topics, like implicit bias, our cultural frameworks, perceived microaggressions, tokenism, colorism, and other manifestations of structural power dynamics that play out daily in our workplace with co-workers and when working with clients/service users. The first three parts outline the specific dynamics that occur in non-profit and other spaces, and the last section addresses questions raised about practice. We will reflect on strategies currently used in organizations to create a more inclusive and collaborative environment for marginalized identities. This training discusses issues and terminology rarely addressed elsewhere.

Venue: Multicultural Service Center, 4610 SE Belmont Street, Portland OR 97215

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WORKSHOP: Why Meetings Matter: Anti-Oppression and Meeting Facilitation

Date: January 13, 2020 (9:00am to 1:30 pm)

Description: We have all been in a boring meeting and there are lots of theories about how to have better, more productive ones. But what about meetings that are more than just boring? What do you do when oppression is surfacing your meeting structure, your facilitation, or how you make decisions? Join AORTA for a workshop where we will: Learn and practice concrete skills that create equity in group conversations and ensure stronger democratic practice in organizations; understand how oppression operates in meetings, and what to do when we see it; Build a shared investment in anti-oppressive facilitation, and understand why it's critical in overall organizational equity.

Venue: Northwest Foundation, 221 NW 2nd Avenue #300 Portland, OR 97209

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WORKSHOP: The Psychology of Influence for Equity & Inclusion

Date: January 15, 2020 (noon to 1:30 pm)

Description: This workshop session is designed for all levels of employees who are passionate about equity and inclusion at work and are ready for brain friendly tools to create buy-in and help launch equity and inclusion initiatives. The session will cover: the difference between influence, authority and manipulation; important dos and don'ts in values aligned influence and leading change efforts; and an easy checklist any employee can use to build support for new equity and inclusion programs.

Venue: Zapproved, Inc 1414 Northwest Northup Street #700 Portland, OR 97209

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Conversation: The Cultural Soul Project Presents an Evening with Dr. Cornell West

Date: January 18, 2020 (7:00 pm to 9:00 pm)

Description: Join the Cultural Soul Project for an evening conversation with Dr. Cornell West where he will discuss the need for a prophetic gospel in inner city urban America.

Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland, Lloyd Center Ballroom, 1000 NE Multnomah Street, Portland, OR 97232

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Lecture Series: Institutional Equity I

Date: January 30, 2020 (9:00am to noon)

Description: The focus of this institutional equity series is to help you see the choices you and your organization make and learn how to foster and engage an applied equity analysis to align your outcomes with your intentions.

Venue: 5033 N Vancouver Avenue, Portland OR 97217

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Lecture Series: Institutional Equity II

Date: January 31, 2020 (9:00am to 4:00 PM)

Description: Session II of this series will explore common racial inequities in the workplace and concrete shifts organizations can make right

Venue: 5033 N Vancouver Avenue, Portland OR 97217

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Workshop Series: Interrupting Hate in Public Spaces

Date: February 4, 2020 (5:30 to 8:30 PM)

Description: Ensuring the safety of our communities is paramount. Yet public vitriol is skyrocketing, tensions flare at a moment’s notice and Oregon is consistently ranked in the top five states of per capita hate incidents. Participants will learn how to identify, understand and overcome the inhibitions that prevent them from supporting targets of hate. They will learn and use tactics for interrupting verbal hate; while centering and empowering the target. They will understand the risks involved in intervention and how to de-escalate a situation. Offered by As the Spirit Moves Us.

Venue: Brentwood Darlington Community Center, 7211 SE 62nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97206

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Workshop Series: Transgender in America 

Date: April 7, 2020 (5:30 to 8:30 PM)

Description: Culturally enforced binary gender role stereotypes have erased the inclusive and expansive understandings of gender identity and expression embraced by indigenous cultures and customs. This oppression has marginalized and silenced the voices of gender expansive children, youth and adults for more than 400 years. “Transgender in America” facilitates conversation and reconsideration of a binary gender understanding through greater awareness of historical events, laws, ideology and personal stories at this time when violence against Transpeople is on the rise.

Venue: SE Uplift, 3534 SE Main Street, Portland OR 97214

Host Organization

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Workshop Series: The Trauma of Hate Incidents: Impact & Intervention From a Trauma Informed Perspective

Date: June 2, 2020 (5:30 to 8:30 PM)

Description: This workshop offers a trauma-informed perspective on the communal impact of hate incidents and explores trauma-informed psychological and social interventions. Hate based incidents intend to instill trauma not only in individual victims but also entire communities. Anxiety, fear and social alienation therefore operate on both individual and communal levels. The workshop focuses on experiences of communal traumatization as well as communal reactions and responses to hate incidents from a global perspective. Offered by Lutheran Community Services Northwest.

Venue: TBD

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Workshop Series: Intercultural Empathy and Cultural Intelligience

Date: June 2, 2020 (5:30 to 8:30 PM)

Description: Intercultural communication is generally not taught in psychology graduate diversity classes. This is an opportunity to learn about how to “fill a gap” in your training. Bookmark Connections’ workshops focus on incorporating and integrating the intercultural perspective with the complementary social justice approach to diversity work as well. Some of the topics covered include: How intercultural communication (IC) differs from traditional approaches to diversity used in psychology, and why IC and CQ are needed for increased cultural effectiveness; Intercultural sensitivity; Cultural intelligence (CQ) (because EQ is often culture-bound); Key cultural values for an effective cultural analysis; Intercultural empathy skills (it's not the same as regular empathy!); Culture and emotions, language, and cognitive styles; Intercultural conflict and resolution skills.

Venue: Tabor Space, 5441 SE Belmont Street, Portland OR 97215

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Again, the PBOT Equity and Inclusion team has funds available to sponsor staff attendance at trainings that require payment. Please email Tosin for more information: