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Event: Worksession: Tow Employee Criminal and Driving History


Proposed Tow Contractor Employee Criminal and Driving History Standards


Non-Driving Employees (they will not drive as part of their work for the Contract)



Contract Certification within 6 months of hire.  (This is training provided by us regarding contract requirements)

Reduce to 2 months

No Felonies of any kind at any time

No felony convictions ever for harm or attempted harm to a person or animal

No Felonies ever

No felony conviction in the last 5 years

No restrictions

No misdemeanor convictions involving theft, dishonesty, or fraud in last 5 years

No restrictions

No Misdemeanor convictions for traffic crimes including not limited to attempt to elude a police officer, leaving the scene of an injury accident hit and run in the last 5 years

No restrictions

No outstanding warrants

No restrictions

Is not a match in the National Sex Offender Public Registry

No restrictions

No misdemeanor convictions for crimes related to theft, dishonesty, fraud or harm or attempted physical harm to a person or animal

No restrictions

Has no pending charges; criminal or driving, for which a conviction would disqualify the subject.  The review of the subject’s qualifications will be put on hold until such pending charges are resolved

Photo taken, not specific

Passport type photo, taken within last 2 months, in electronic format taken from shoulders up with the face clearly visible


Tow Drivers (must meet all requirements of non-driving employee plus the following)



Commercial training program within 6 months

Within 2 months and may request extension in writing under extenuation circumstances

Active DMV record for last 5 years

At least 20 months of active driving privileges in the last 24 months

No requirement

Class of DL must match or exceed class of tow equipment they will be driving

Combo of 3 traffic violation, accident and suspensions in last 5 years

In last 3 years: No traffic crime, max of 3 safety related violations, accidents, suspensions or combination

May have 3 years driving history, put on probation


Appeal process for denied applications through the Tow Board

Removed, the employee may request corrections of any inaccurate information contained in the report.  The request is directly with the third party company that provided the report.  If errors in the report were the reason for denial and those error have been corrected, the employee’s eligibility may be reconsidered.

No restriction

No driver license suspension for Diversion in the last 5 years

No restriction

Director may disqualify employee in the interest of public safety at their sole discretion

No restriction

City may consider the arrest, charge, conviction or sentencing in determining appropriate sanctions or remedies under the Contract and may reject future applications based on criminal history.


No restriction

If the employee has previously been approved, and their criminal and driving record has been reviewed by PBOT in the past 12 months, the Towing Coordinator may issue an approval first, then request and review updated criminal and driving records