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Division Street Parking Plan

This page hosts all of the information about the Division St Parking Management Plan in the Richmond Neighborhood. 


A plan to manage on-street parking along and near Division Street in the Richmond Neighborhood. The plan will focus on creating a parking permit program for area residents. The primary goal of the plan will be to balance the parking needs of the many different users so that anyone can more easily find a parking space on or near Division St. The plan will be co-developed by the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and a stakeholder advisory commitee. The committee will be made up of residents, business owners and community members. The committee and PBOT will work with a consultant to study the problem and come up with solutions that will make it easier to find a parking space, and to ensure that the parking needs of the residents and businesses are met. 

City Council will need to adopt any plan or permit program before anything could be implemented. Also, area residents will have to approve any permit program. The development of the plan and permit pilot will use a data driven approach. There will be a parking study conducted to determine the inventory of on-street spaces, the occupancy and utilization of those spaces over the course of a typical day, and who is using that parking. In addition to a parking occupancy and utilization study we will conduct surveys of area residents, visitors and employees to understand their perspectives. The committee and PBOT staff will rely on this data to drive their decision making. 

Click here to learn more about the background of this process. 


The focus area is along SE Division Street between 28th Pl. and SE Cesar E Chavez Blvd in the Richmond Neighborhood. The exact study area and plan boundary will be determined by the advisory committee. 


PBOT is leading the effort to develop a parking management approach in the area. Parking Operations staff have hired a consulting firm who specializes in parking management, and a planning firm with experience leading committees and plan development. 

The consultants on board are Lancaster Engineering and Angelo Planning Group. 

Community Members from all walks of life are sought to join the committee. The application does specify which types of lived experience or expertise we are most interested in, but we are seeking all kinds of residents and employees. Residents new and old, renters and homeowners are encouraged to apply! The committee will have 2 members from the Richmond Neighborhood Association and 2 members from the Division-Clinton Business Association.

Parking SAC Information

The Parking SAC members will be responsible for listening to parking consultants and PBOT staff on the parking study data findings, guiding staff on additional information gathering (surveysf focus groups), and deliberate and decide on parking permit program rules. The group will need to be ready to listen with an open mind, to a variety of viewpoints and hear from diverse community members' on their parking needs in order to be effective. We expect the time committment to be about 4 hours per month, 2 hours for committee meetings, and 2 hours or so for reviewing meeting materials. The timeframe is to begin this April, and meet about once a month until December 2020 or January 2021. The project may need more time to complete so expect about a one year committment. 

Committee Selection

The applications will be reviewed by an outside panel of existing parking committee members from Lloyd and Northwest, and PBOT staff. The panel will make recommendations to the project manager for the most diverse team  to serve on the SAC. If there are questions or concerns about the committee make-up, PBOT leadership will determine who serves on the committee. The goal is get a diverse group of people to serve on the committee. 


PBOT is recruiting for the committee in January and February 2020. Committee members will be selected in March and the process will begin in April 2020. The process will take between 10 and 18 months. 

How can you get involved or stay informed on this project?

1. Sign up for our email list to get meeting agendas, notes and materials.

2. Attend the Parking SAC meetings and provide comment there. All Parking SAC meetings will be open to the public, and meeting times, locations and agendas advertised ahead of time publicly. 

3. Stay tuned for online and in-person surveys and future open houses on proposed permit program rules.

Draft project milestones:

  • December/January 2020>> Discuss forming a committee with the neighborhood association and other stakeholders. 
  • February 2020>> Recruit committee members using the Office of Civic Life application process
  • April 2020 >> Begin Committee work.
  • Spring/summer 2020 >> Conduct parking study data collection
  • Summer or Fall  >> Open House & other engagement.
  • Fall 2020 >> Committee recommendations
  • Winter 2020/21 >> Program report is finalized.
  • Spring 2021 >> Ballots are sent (if approved)
  • Spring/summer 2021 >> City Council Hearing (if approved)

Learn more about Parking management in Portland here

Questions: Contact Parking Plan Project Manager: Kathryn Doherty-Chapman at 503-823-4761 or