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Community Transportation Services: Proposed Safety Improvements

What is it?

As our population grows and our streets become busier, we need to be more responsive to basic safety concerns citywide. Meeting our goal of eliminating fatalities and reducing serious injuries requires projects big and small. This includes creating safer intersections, reducing vehicle speeds on cut-through routes, retrofitting our existing Neighborhood Greenways, and making additional safety enhancements to existing projects.

How does it make a difference?

A pedestrian hit by a person driving at 30 mph is 75% more likely to suffer serious injuries or death relative to a pedestrian hit at 20 mph. PBOT has several proven tools to significantly improve street safety. Establishing a citywide program for basic street safety services allows PBOT to deliver these services more efficiently. To make intersections safer, for example, PBOT can remove parking as well as improve everything from signage to striping to signal timing. Strategic placement of speed bumps is also a low-cost and effective treatment for reducing speed.  

Priority Locations:

- Projects based on citywide crash data
- PedPDX priority intersections
- A focus on ensuring diverse communities are empowered to request these services


Proposed Safety Improvements

If the measure passes, funds would be used as follows:

Additional safety enhancements

$4 million

Neighborhood Greenway retrofits

$2.5 million

Safer intersections

 $2 million

Speed bumps on cut-through routes

$2 million

 TOTAL Routine Safety Improvements

 $10.5 million

This information was reviewed by the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office for compliance with ORS 260.432.