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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

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Apply for the TNC Committee

Be part of the TNC Drivers Advisory Committee!



Applications are due on Sunday, June 14, 2020.


Total number of advisory seats: 9 (TNC driver representatives and at-large members)

Number of seats available: 2

Public member

  • 1 at-large representative


  • 1 TNC driver representative


Purpose and Role of the Advisory Board

To review the Committee purpose, please visit the main committee page.

To review the Committee bylaws, please click here.

Committee activities include:

  • Advise Bureau Director and City staff about issues that affect TNC drivers.
  • Assist with the development of recommendations to the City to update administrative rules and City Code, when appropriate.
  • Assist with the development of recommendations to TNCs regarding aspects of the industry the City or the State does not regulate.
  • Provide input to Bureau staff about driver experiences to inform current and potential future regulations, rules, and processes.

 What We Look For

We want people from every part of Portland here to share their voice on this committee, especially people who have not been involved before. If you want to serve your community and to help government make better choices, then we want to see your application. To be eligible for the Committee, members must live, play, worship, work, or do business in the City of Portland

The attributes listed below are what will guide our selection process. It is helpful if you are specific in your answers. We do not expect you to be or have everything listed.

  • You believe in the value of public participation in government processes.
  • You are committed to improving outcomes for those who have been historically underserved by the transportation system in Portland.
  • You are interested in sharing your perspective as well as respectfully learning and listening to other perspectives.
  • You are available to attend all meetings and participate in the discussions.
  • You have the ability to critically evaluate technical information.
  • You are a creative problem solver.
  • You have experience with Portland's transportation system and the industry.
  • You have experience, skills, knowledge, or perspective that can help the Committee better understand historically underrepresented communities in relation to the industry, like: communities of color, low-income communities, persons with disabilities, multilingual communities, and other groups historically underserved by the industry.
  • If you are applying for a TNC driver seat, you are an active TNC driver currently certified and permitted to operate in the City of Portland.

Terms & Time Commitment

  • Meetings will take place on weekday afternoons downtown or in the Lloyd District, a minimum of four times per year. (The Committee is currently meeting every other month.)
  • Members will serve a 2- or 3-year term.
  • Members are expected to prepare for meeting on their own time. Arrive ready to discuss meeting materials and agenda items. Meeting materials for review may be sent with minimal time to review, potentially as few as 72 hours in advance.

Public Official Conflict of Interest Notice

Those selected to serve on this body will be legally considered public officials for the duration of their service. As such, they will be required to publicly disclose potential conflicts of interest. If potential conflicts of interest are not disclosed, individual members are subject to education or monetary sanctions from the Oregon Government Ethics Commission. Having potential conflicts of interest does not preclude you from serving on this body and may not impact your ability to participate fully on this body. Stakeholders often have potential conflicts of interest by the nature of having interest in the work. The Conflict of Interest Disclosure is included in the application. Please fill all conflicts of interest on your application.


To talk with someone about this opportunity or to receive assistance completing the application, please contact the advisory body staff liaison at or 03-823-7483.

For general questions about the Advisory Bodies program, the recruitment process, or other upcoming advisory body opportunities, please email

Application Process

To be considered, please be sure to submit a completed application form. If you have a resume, it can be uploaded before you submit your application. Answers to each question should be no more than 250 words.

Public Records Disclosure Clause

The information you provide in your application is available to the public through a public record request. Please do not include confidential or sensitive information.

Voluntary & Confidential Demographic Information

The City is committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity and uses provided demographic information to help ensure that advisory body appointments represent a broad cross-section of community. Your information will not be used during the recruitment nor the selection process. State and federal law prohibit use of this information to discriminate against you. The City will treat this information as confidential to the fullest extent allowed by law.